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COVID 19 VS Hunger in India: How 20 lakh crore package will benefit Migrant workers? 

How this ‘Special Economic Package’ will help Migrant Workers? Here are important details

Just like the rest of the world, India is too affected by COVID 19. The pandemic is claiming more jobs than lives in India. Due to the nation wide lockdown, unemployment has reached its peak. It has a severe impact on Migrant workers. With no money, no food, and no work, millions of workers are returning to their hometowns. They are walking miles to reach their destination.  Central and State government miserably failed in helping them and pictures from all across the nation is a proof.

Economic Package – Angel in Disguise, is it? 

Experts were constantly asking for an economic package from the government. Finally, it was announced by the PM on Tuesday. On Wednesday, another press conference was conducted by Finanance Minister to explain its allocation.
Government’s initiative of Aatmnirbhar Bharat will definitely give a push to Indian Economy. #VocalforLocal will give push to products made in India. But there are a few questions which need answers :
1. How this package will help migrant workers? 
2. What all government has announced for them and what all they will get? 
3. Most important how they will ensure the help is reaching to needy 
Notably, the complete package will be announced in parts as informed by Finance Minister. She will be addressing nation for straight 4-5 days to discuss the benefits of the package.
Coming back to Migrant Workers, according to a study titled ‘Rapid assessment of unorganised, informal and migrant workers indicates that relief packages are not reaching to a lot of workers. Lockdown has been extended thrice so far, PM has already indicated for the fourth one. Still, no proper arrangements were made for migrant workers and this raises a lot of questions.

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Be it central or state government The question how will these poor people receive help?

The Central government informed Supreme Court that around 5 lakh to 6 lakh people have migrated and reached their hometown on foot. Even after all policy measures were in place to take care of their needs. Then why they are migrating? Who is at fault?

Home Secretary, Ajay Kumar Bhalla, in a report informed SC  that Rs 1.7 trillion financial package for “every poor person”, including migrant workers, to deal with the impact of the coronavirus was announced, and there was no necessity for migration of workers to rush to their village . But the reality is they didn’t receive any help, which lead to the migration. Heartbreaking pictures is saying it all.

As per official data, Till April 1st, 21,064 relief camps were set up by the States, in which around 6,66,291 persons have been provided shelter and 23 million persons have been provided food.

Source: Nearly 600,000 workers migrated on foot during lockdown, govt tells SC

What all steps government has taken and we appreciate it. All we want is ‘Implementation’ -11000 cr allocated 

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam said, Centre has sent Rs. 11000 cr from disaster relief fund for a setting up shelter for urban poor, including migrants. Finance Minister informed government has already approved the use of state disaster relief fund  for setting up shelter. This amount is the direct help from the centre. Additonally, three meals per day will be given to homeless on center’s cost.

Finance Minister has also  announced free foodgrains for an estimated 8 crore migrant workers for next two months at a cost of Rs 3,500 crore

This decision comes at a time when nation is heading towards fourth phase of lockdown. Let us see how government will execute it, and help the needy who are suffering from last so many days.

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