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Keep your over smart colleague at bay: Here is how you can do it like a pro!

 Workplace Rules: How to deal with an over smart co-worker?

In the world of competition, everybody wants to be on the top.  Majority of the people believe in smart work, not in hard work.  At our workplace, we usually spend our 7- 8 hours, and we communicate with the variety of our co-workers. However, the most dangerous ones are the over smart people. They try to take away all the credits from others and will pretend that they know everything. But the crux is that you have to work with them. You just can’t ignore them.  After all, you have to follow professional ethics.

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Today, we will tell you how to deal with them like a pro! Here, we go:

1.Be calm during a conversation with them:  When you work with someone, you just can’t ignore him or her. So, try to stay calm whenever you talk them. Be a good listener because this will help you to figure out their weak areas.  If you or he/she is not in the same department, you can create distance with them.

2.Try not to Argue: Yes, this is the best way to keep them at bay. Do not argue with them. Try to discuss things with them, but do not argue with them. Arguments can hurt their ego.

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4.Do not discuss your personal stuff with them:  You should not discuss any personal stuff with them. They may put you in the bad light or can harm your reputation.

5.Leave the office stuff in office only: Do not keep revisiting things that happened in the office. This will impact your peace o mind. It’s better to leave office stuff in office only.

6.Avoid Revenge Trap: You would not be able to shine bright like a diamond until or unless you will keep the feeling revenge inside. If you want to effectively deal with them, you should just concentrate on your work. They will automatically start maintaining distance from you.

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