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Benefits of drinking lemon tea

Many people start their day with a cup of tea but what if your cup of tea gets transformed into a cup of benefits for your health?

For sure everyone would love it. Who doesn’t want a healthy morning start?

Here are some benefits of lemon tea which make it a must for you to start your day with it:

Benefits of drinking lemon tea


• Lemon tea helps to replace fluids that are continually lost by our body and provide hydration.

• Helps the liver ad kidneys in their cleaning job, it helps to produce the acids needed for digestion.

• Lemon is a natural diuretic.

• Helps in making the skin clear.

• Boosts the immune system.

• Balances the pH level.

• Freshens breath.

• Aids in weight loss.

How to make it?

Squeeze a couple of tea spoons of fresh lemon/lime juice in a cup/glass of medium hot water. Stir.

It is ready to drink.

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