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9 Reasons Why You Should Have Beard

Here are the 9 reasons why you should have beard

MAN with beard
MAN with beard

Beard is in trend. Boys love to keep beard because it looks awesome. We are not generalising, it’s just a matter of choice. Beard is awesome, it gives you a stud look. Beards are really good at disguising small chins and creating cheek-bone like shape on chubby cheeks. We have listed below 9 reasons why you should have beard, take a look.


1. Beard men are more attractive: Women get attracted to men who have beard. According to the University of New South Wales, women find men with beards are more suitable for protection and fatherhood and more attractive rather than who don’t have beard.

2. Men find men with beards more masculine: Men find men with beard are more masculine than clean-shaven men. Beard represents masculinity.

3. Beard makes you popular on social media: Beard trend is very popular on the social media. Beards are fabulously well received on social media. If you have beard then take a selfie, upload it on Instagram and try the hashtags #BeardLife or #Beard. See the followers flock.

4. Fighting the good fight: In a study, it has shown that men who have beard are more protected from pollen or dust allergies.

5. It gives you options at parties: If you want to be pirate on the party then beard will add authenticity. So, it gives you more options to look differently at parties.

6. You look small if you shave: Don’t shave your beard because once if you shave it, you will look like a 12 year old boy. Don’t take that risk.

7. People will trust you: your beard makes you appear smarter and more creative. It also makes you appear more sophisticated.

8. It makes you look better, longer: Researchers in Australia stated that thick beard protects you from ultraviolet rays that damages your skin and can cause cancer.

9. Beards are supposed to be on men’s faces: Savage men had beard, and wore them for many reasons because they believe that beard acted as a layer of protection from the wilderness. We supposed to have beard because it is in our genetic code as men have the ability grow beard.

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