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5 Indian Journalists who restored our faith in Journalism with their unapologetic stories!

Jyoti Yadav to Sakshi Joshi, 5 Indian Journalists who made a difference in 2021

According to a report by media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, India is among one of the most dangerous countries in terms of Journalists killed across the world this year. Notably, 46 Journalists were killed this year in connection with their work. Of these, the highest numbers were reported from Mexico with seven fatalities, followed by Afghanistan 6, Yemen and India 4 and Pakistan 3. Clearly, India is not a safe country for Journalists.

At a time when there is so much pressure of bringing  TRPs (and not telling the truth) because nobody really has time to know the truth, it becomes extremely hard for a Journalist to be truthful to their ethics. But then, there are Journalists who are continuously making a difference with their efforts. Here is a list of 5 Indian Journalists who made a difference in 2021.

1.  Sakshi Joshi

With more than 75k followers on Instagram, Sakshi Joshi is one of the most unapologetic journalists in India. She never minces her words when it comes to reporting the core issues of India. Be it covering Farmers’ Protest to calling out the government during the second wave of Corona, Sakshi Joshi’s unapologetic stories really made a difference in 2021.  She enjoys a huge fanbase on Social Media. Follow her for unfiltered and common man’s interest stories. Notably, Sakshi Joshi is an Independent Journalist. After working with big Media Houses, she switched to Independent Journalism.

2. Jyoti Yadav

With more than 95k followers on Instagram, this young Journalist is truly making a difference with her real and unfiltered stories.  Notably, her investigative story on the rescue operation of 38 year old Ramrati has been recently nominated for prestigious Mumbai Press Club Redink Awards. Jyoti is an active Journalist of The Print and her researched stories are eye opener in many ways.  You can read her exclusive stories on The Print. Be her report on the second wave of Corona to women stories from all across India, Jyoti Yadav’s stories are worth reading.

3. Faye D’ Souza

Now, this list would be incomplete if we don’t mention her. The first Journalist who created no nonsense content on the internet. With more than one million followers on Instagram, she is one of the most trusted Journalists in India. She has taught us to strike a balance between personal and professional life. After working with some of the biggest channels in India, she decided to prioritise her mental health and her working style.

From updating us with all the latest news to even sharing information on credit cards, her content is full of useful information. She really made a difference in 2021 by bringing up important issues of India.

4. Late Danish Siddiqui

Danish Siddiqui was among a few Journalists informing us about the dire situation of our country during the lockdown.  The heart breaking pictures of Reuters Journalist will always remain in our hearts. Notably, he was killed while taking photographs in August during a crossfire in Afghanistan. Without fearing his life, he went on to fiercely cover CAA protests in Delhi, Rohingya migration crisis or even the clashes at Farmers’ protest.  We will always remember for his fearless work.

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5. Sadhika Tiwari

Sadhika Tiwari who is currently working at The Quint has made a difference with her ground reports this year. She was previously working with Indiaspend and did some real, unfiltered and unbiased stories. Be it her coverage on Second wave of COVID 19 to her recent videos on Climate Change, Sadhika Tiwari is among one of the trusted Journalists in India. You can follow her on Twitter and catch her best stories. Notably, Sadhika had actively covered Farmers’ protest as well.

Well, we would like to thank these unapologetic Journalists who are making a difference with her continuous efforts. During a time when we crave for useful and important news, these Journalists are leaving no stone unturned in bringing out the unfiltered and core issues stories for their viewers.

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