Ideal sleeping positions to stay healthy

Best and worst sleeping positions for you

People often wonder why they feel ache in different parts of their body after getting up from deep sleep. Well, we have an answer to that and as most have already guessed, yes, it has to do with your sleeping positions. Apparently, your sleeping postures play a great part in your health. One wrong move and you can be in trouble for days.

Wrong sleeping posture could lead to several back problems, cramps, stomach problems and many more. In order to avoid all that and getting a good night’s sleep without having to worry for tomorrow, there are certain sleeping positions which we should get accustomed to for sleeping.

Some Sleeping Positions:

  • Side Sleeping

Side Sleeping is practically the best sleeping position for many reasons. One, since sleeping on the side means that your leg on the top shall roll forward and will rest on the mattress, which is elongate your spine and create a twisting pressure which will be good for the lower back. Second, sleeping on the side may alleviate heartburn, a study suggested.

Ideal sleeping positions to stay healthy
Sleep comfortably
  • Back Sleeping

Back Sleeping cannot be fully determined as the best or the worst sleeping position as it entirely depends on how you sleep. Nobody can sleep completely straight while sleeping on the back. Some adjustments are made every now and then. It can be bad due to the effect of gravity which pulls your tongue backward, which may be dangerous. It could be best if slept without a pillow as it gives a neutral position for the neck and back to rest.

  • Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on stomach is termed as the worst sleeping position as it can lead to severe back and neck pain. Sleeping on stomach also leads to pressure on the muscle which eventually leads to numbness and irritated nerves.

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