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Ram Nath Kovind Birthday: 5 Quotes by the Former President

Learn about the insightful quotes from Ram Nath Kovind, India's 14th President, on his birthday, as we reflect on his words of wisdom and leadership.

Ram Nath Kovind Birthday: Celebrating the Wisdom of India’s 14th President

As India celebrates the birthday of its 14th President, Ram Nath Kovind, it is an opportune moment to reflect on his words of wisdom and leadership. Throughout his tenure, Kovind shared valuable insights and thoughts that resonated with the Indian populace. Here are five notable quotes by the former President that continue to inspire and guide us:

  • Fake news has emerged a new menace, whose purveyors proclaim themselves as journalists and taint this noble profession.

  • Our aspiration must be to reform, upgrade and enlarge our education system – and to make it relevant to 21st century realities of the digital economy, genomics, robotics and automation.

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  • A tradition I remember from my childhood was that when there was a wedding in any one family, the entire village shared the responsibility and contributed. Regardless of the caste or community, the bride became the daughter of not just a single family but of the entire village.

  • Sanitation and cleanliness are among the humblest of the civic virtues, and it is easy to underestimate their significance.

  • Our Constitution gave us rights as citizens of a free democratic nation, but also placed on us the responsibility to always adhere to the central tenets of our democracy – justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.

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These quotes reflect on Ram Nath Kovind’s vision for a united, progressive, and inclusive India. His words weigh on the importance of diversity, education, inclusivity, sustainable development, and the enduring relevance of the Indian Constitution.

As we honour the legacy of former President Kovind on his birthday, let us draw inspiration from his wisdom and continue working towards a better and more harmonious India.

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