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Pune Porsche Crash: Doctors Arrested for Tampering with Accused Teen’s Blood Test

Two doctors from Pune's Sassoon Hospital have been arrested for tampering with the blood test of a 17-year-old involved in a fatal Pune Porsche crash that killed two engineers.

Pune Porsche Crash: Two Doctors Arrested for Manipulating Blood Test of Teen Accused in Fatal Accident

In a latest turn of events in the Pune Porsche crash case, two veteran doctors from Sassoon Hospital, Pune are under arrest on the charges of allegedly altering the blood sample report of a seventeen year old boy involved in the fatal car crash. This happened on the 19th of May around Kalyani Nagar, claimed the lives of two software engineers who were riding a motorbike.

After the mishap, the accused teen was rushed to Sassoon Hospital to get a medical check-up. The police chief of Pune Amitesh Kumar revealed that the blood test of the juvenile was tampered, and the report regarding the failure to detect alcohol in his system was faked by replacing it with another person’s blood sample. This led to the arrest of Dr. Halnor and Dr. Tawre who were accused of fabricating the evidence in the case.

Pune Porsche crash: Forensics department head, doctor arrested for tampering with evidence, sources say blood samples changed - India Today

The case was discovered when two blood sample results produced at the facility were different. First, the first report on the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) had no impact of alcohol found but the second examination showed the presence of alcohol. Later on, the DNA analysis proved that those samples were of two different people, which pointed the finger at the doctors to have committed tampering.

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Commissioner Kumar further elucidated, “On May 19, the blood sample taken from the Sassoon Hospital was thrown and in lieu of which the blood sample of another person was taken for the forensic evidence. These amendments were done by Dr. Srihari Halnor on the directions of Dr. Ajay Tawre, the head of the Forensic Medicine department in Sassoon.”

All the Hospital CCTV DVR equipment has been taken by the police for further investigations. The doctors are charged with forgery under section 467 of the IPC and destruction of evidence under section 201 of the IPC read with section 120B. Investigations carried out showed that the minor’s father, Vishal, a realtor was in direct communication with Dr. Tawre.

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The legal battle is a two-year-old one that has involved not only the second generation of the Agarwal family but also the third generation. The accused teenager was first released on bail, but the release was followed by an outrage from the public, and therefore, the teenager was transfer to an observation home. The teen’s father and grandfather have also been arrested for the crash as well as his brother.

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The policemen are still searching for the subject whose blood was exchanged and looking into other legal procedures against the relatives of the Agarwal family.

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