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Normalise These Things Instead of Promoting Hustle Culture

Normalise These Things Instead of Promoting Hustle Culture because it’s 2021

Until you are not hustling hard, meeting your burnout point, not remaining fully occupied, you are not doing things right, is the common lie hustle culture has been feeding. Hustle culture can bring you growth or not is a different question but it could severely affect your mental health and wellbeing. And as it’s 2021, a good employee wellness culture is something that should be embraced. To beat this culture, normalise these things instead of promoting hustle culture.

Promoting Hustle Culture

Normalise These Things Instead of Promoting Hustle Culture because it’s 2021

8 hours of sleep without any excuse

Hustle culture often let people compromise on their sleep. People often see sleeping as some kind of a waste of time and embrace and romanticise working instead of completing 8 hours of sleep. The human body needs rest to function at its best. Hence, it is absolutely important for everyone to ensure sleeping 8 hours a day.

Equal Pay for all

Gender inequality has been a real issue in Indian workplaces. Women are most often not paid what the men would be paid for the same job raising the need for equal pay. Beating this in the workplace could bring wonders instead of normalising hustle culture.

Self-care breaks

Investing in self-care is not an act of cowardice, it’s a need. There always comes a temporary saturation point after which you don’t remain with the capacity to work. Accepting self-care breaks in that they are not a crime. The workplaces must ensure employees decent self-care breaks and the individuals themselves should as well take breaks for themselves.

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Speaking up

Not speaking up is one of the signs of toxicity. Embracing not speaking up is a part of a toxic culture. Organisations that don’t promote discussions and opening up for the employees don’t encourage new ideas and openness in the culture. And at the individual level, speaking up is an important step one should take for their own mental peace.

Upskilling and reskilling

Learning is never a problem. Every individual or employee should be encouraging for upskilling and reskilling. If employees wish to learn something and if organisations can help them in learning it, then the progressive employee wellness culture must promote it. There’s no reason for feeling guilty of not sticking around the same profile, the same skill set, just because you want to upskill or relearn something.

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Working Independently

This one is perhaps the most important one. Most organisations think that they need to be on the heads of the employees to shell out work from them. Well, knowing that there’s someone who will stick around every minute monitoring at times disseminate negative thoughts towards employees. A healthy culture should promote independent work. There should be a sense of mutual trust between the employee and the employer promoting independent working.

Working with Empathy

If there’s a situation that offers a choice of being empathetic or enforcing working, a good work culture will always consider being empathetic. Workplaces need to be more empathetic now more than ever and so should employees instead of hustle culture.

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