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Are Indians less kind? Read what Index Measuring Small Acts of Kindness to Strangers says

Indians are less kind to strangers, Index Measuring Small Acts of Kindness to Strangers suggests

In a global survey measuring how friendly people are to strangers, India has been poorly ranked on the Index measuring small acts of kindness to strangers for no monetary benefits. The study, which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, surveyed 8,354 people from 34 nations to take part in a series of tests to measure their social mindfulness.

India is identified to be less kind to strangers as per this research which is certainly observing low social mindfulness in Indians.

Social Mindfulness: Being socially mindful entails more than just being courteous. It’s also about more than just being aware of your surroundings. It’s that understanding that our choices may limit or remove options for others. It refers to our commitment to make decisions that take into account our common humanity and interconnectedness.

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At little to no material cost, social mindfulness typically entails small acts of attention or kindness. Even though fairly common, such low-cost cooperation has received little empirical attention… Our findings add to the body of knowledge about prosociality by focusing on the type of daily cooperation that is more concerned with communicating benevolence than with giving pecuniary advantages.” reads the Report.

India is observed to be one of the poorest among the 34 countries on the Index Measuring Small Acts of Kindness to Strangers by this research. The research states that social mindfulness varies greatly with different geographical regions. Greater social consciousness has been observed in countries with better general performance or environmental protection. Japan tops the index measuring small acts of kindness to strangers followed by Austria, Mexico, Israel, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

To support India’s lack of kindness towards strangers, research also suggesting India’s lack of kindness towards non-citizen can be recalled.

social mindfulness

India fared the worst in the Migrant Integration Policy Index, which rated 52 nations on their migrant inclusion in 2020. India had a score of 24 out of 100, considerably below the average of 50.

The data of World Giving Index 2015 ranked India at 106th position in global generosity. In 2016, India jumped to 91st position but later, in 2018, India again slipped to the 124th position.

Probable reason behind the low score on the Index Measuring Small Acts of Kindness to Strangers

An article by Science alert suggests that the degree of confidence that cultures have in strangers, education levels, economic success (or lack thereof), and the presence of religious ideals might all be factors in explaining these disparities, but further research is needed to learn more.

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