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Employee Receives Warning Mail for Excessive Use of Personal Websites During Work Hours: Internet Weighs In

Employee Receives Warning Mail: A LinkedIn user shared that his friend was warned by HR for using Instagram, Netflix, and more during work hours.

Employee Receives Warning Mail for Work Hours Misuse: Internet Reacts to Workplace Discipline


A recent post on the LinkedIn platform by Sumit Mishra has again elicited discussions on the social platform after he revealed that his friend Rishika received a warning letter from her company’s Human Resource department recently. The warning described elaborately how Rishika used Instagram, Netflix, Naukri. com, and Ajio. com during work hours.
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Mishra also reported that Rishika had been previously warned a week ago for watching Babil Khan interviews during working hours. In the email, the company repeated by adding, “Kindly remember, we previously talked to you informally last week about not watching Babil Khan interviews during work hours! You along with Shreya frequently take coffee pouches, sugar sachets, Maggi, forks, disposable plates from pantry for personal use In our organisation, stealing items from office property is not allowed. ”

HR warns employee for social media and Netflix use during work hours

Mishra posted this two days ago, and to this date, it has attracted more than 400 likes, and many comments, and many people have responded thoughtfully.

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A given user said, “I agree with what HR said. It is not right to steal things when they are small. It’s not right to be paid hourly and waste the money.” Another user posted: “Well, that is an awkward situation. At least one was honest about reporting the other employee’s thefts. Perhaps it is redemption time to address how to divide the independent time and working time? Let’s hope that they sort it out

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Some criticism I heard is that the company has been very transparent. “Yes such clear communication is highly required as well! The company pays for working and not for unnecessary other activities, and to steal company property is to show a very poor attitude!” responded one user. Another agreed: “I agree with UK HW at HR that stealing is wrong no matter how many pounds is involved.”

It has instigated a debate on ethics in workplace and work-life conduct as concerns employees’ conduct and their professional duties.

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