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Dahi Puri takes the crown as the worst Indian street food. Check complete list

The complete list of the 10 worst Indian street foods. Why is Dahi Puri at the top of the list? Let’s find out!

The 10 worst Indian street food: Do you agree?

India is known for its amazing street food culture and not only is street food the bread and butter for many, but it is also the soul of Indian cuisine. Every corner of Indian streets will have some sort of food shop that will be selling some lip-smacking food that we just cannot get enough of. So, while we have some street food that takes away all the limelight, like Gol Gappe, there are some which have been rated as the “worst Indian street food”. Brace yourself for a list you might not agree with, I know that I don’t!

1. Aloo Tikki

The crispy fried potato cutlets are at number 10 on the list of worst Indian street food! These are usually served with green chutney and have a crisp and spicy taste.

2. Bonda

These are also made out of potato, but the main difference is the gram flour batter it is dipped in. The taste of binda comes from this gram flour, which is then fried and served piping hot!

3. Indian Masala Omelet

Eggs and omelets are a very common street food in India and the versatility of eggs allows people to really experiment with different dishes. The Indian masala omelet is a very local version of an omelet with Indian spices, onion, and tomato.

4. Masala Vada

These fritters are very common in Southern parts of India. They are a great tea-time companion and are made with chana dal, onion, ginger, curry leaves, spices, and fennel seeds.

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5. Dabeli

This street food is a mixture of sweet and spicy and comes from the state of Gujarat. The spicy mix is stuffed in a bun and served with a sweet imli sauce, peanuts, and pomegranate seeds.

6. Jalebi

This sweet dessert is one of the most amazing Indian desserts. Hot jalebi in winter with rabdi is a combination made in heaven! How this ended up on the list for the “worst Indian street food” is a mystery.

7. Egg bhurji

Experimenting with eggs is what Indians do best! Egg bhurji is like paneer bhurji, except the paneer is replaced with eggs. It is a spicy combination of all things good and is an excellent source of protein as well as yummy!

8. Bombay sandwich

The street food culture is very rich in Bombay and the Bombay sandwich is their take on sandwiches. It is made with vegetables such as potato, cucumber, onion slices, tomatoes, bell pepper and spices.

9. Sev

Sev is an extremely popular snack in India and goes well with almost anything! It is made with gram flour and spices and deep-fried in oil.

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10. Dahi Puri

This rendition is a mix of the classic gol gappe and papdi chaat. The puri shell is filled with mashed potatoes, onions, spices, and chutney and topped with curd and crunchy sev.

Well, people can have conflicting opinions on street foods in India as the taste palette for everyone is different, but, do you think we should even have a list of “worst Indian street food”? Share your thoughts!

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