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Countries with Strictest Rape Laws, Where does India Stand?

No Tolerance for Rape, these are the countries with the strictest rape laws. Let’s see where does India stand?


‘Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups that deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.’ – Kurt Cobain. Well, this is a notion that we always talk about, but there is a long way to bring this change in mentality towards a crime like rape. But gladly, some countries show zero tolerance towards rapes and have strict punishments or for the rapist, at least in the law. Not that it can reduce the pain of the survivor, but can be a step to do justice to the survivor. So, these are the countries with the strictest rape laws to ensure no tolerance for rapes.

Countries with the Strictest Rape Laws ensuring no tolerance for rapes


Well, on the surface, China has the most strict rape laws but there are too strict that they can be used wrongly as well. The rapist in China is first made to go through genital mutilation and after that, they are sentenced to death. But the problem is that the laws are framed in a manner that the accused is awarded the death sentence without even a trial session. This leads to a sentence to the innocent too and reflects the attractive rule and code of China.

Saudi Arabia

One of the most heart taking punishments for rapes is given in Saudi Arabia. The rapists are beheld publicly, administered with sedatives. And under circumstances of grievous rapes, the death penalty is awarded.

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Strictest Rape Laws

North Korea

North Korea is anyway known as one with very severe laws and obviously, it is a dictatorship. It has extreme cruel punishments for the rapists and awards death sentences by shooting the rapist by a firing squad in public.


Afghanistan is another country that sentences the death penalty to rapists. They are either shot in their head or hanged within 4 days of conviction.


Iran is yet another to give the death penalty to the rapists. They are either hanged or shot in public. But yes, if the victim allows, the rapist can be escaped from the death penalty but they still have to be liable for 100 lashes publicly.


A country that consists even a kiss without consent as rape and the punishment for the same can range from 4 to 15 years.

Where does India Stand?

Less did we know, India has one of the strictest laws for rapists. Especially after the Delhi Gang Rape case of 2012, the laws have only become stricter and better. It straightaway gives 14 years of imprisonment and in some cases, a death sentence too, to the rapist. Although, the laws for the cases where the rapist is a minor are still debatable. In the Delhi Gang Rape Case, the minor rapist out of the six was just sent for a reformation facility for 3 years. The question that still upholds is that should a minor committing a crime like that of rape should be made liable to capital punishment or not.

What does India need?

Unlike other countries, India does not have any firm policy as to how much time, the verdict to a rape case should be announced. The process of the Indian Judicial system is slow, and it takes months and years of visiting courts to get justice, which is equally painful for survivors.

As in China, the culprit is executed without even a trial makes it an unjust process, in India, the extreme delays in announcing the verdict is problematic. The cultural divide and class oppression existing in the society, especially in the Indian society, and the victim-blaming attitudes of the society are the ones hindering justice for rape victims. Any survivor of violence and abuse who seeks justice fight a great battle with themselves when they decide to come out with the truth. No matter how strict the laws are, the weaker execution always stands up as a problem.

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