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Are we an ostrich nation with an Emperor who wore the proverbial new clothes?

RamRajya in India, a shattered dream: Straight from a citizen’s heart

Events in India over the last few years, and more so in the recent past months make one feel that they are sleeping through a particularly bad and tasteless nightmare and that when they wake up, things will be good again…. funny… in 2014, quite sick of the inefficient Manmohan Singh government, people jumped with joy (including yours truly) at the prospect of finally getting a dynamic Chai Wala who, beating all odds had not only become the Chief Minister of Gujarat but had polished away the tarnish to make it shine.

We were all looking forward to that same or even greater miracle being performed on a national level. “We will bring Ramrajya”.  “India is a secular country, and we respect its secular structure”; “Business will get a big boost”; “massive numbers of jobs will be created; every citizen will get ₹15 lakhs in their bank accounts” and much more or something to that effect – at least that is what I heard!

Fantastic! Ram Rajya I thought meant a truly secular country with religion and caste finally getting off the table, with laws that would ensure uniform personal and civic laws for all; sufficient educational institutions from preschool up to post-grad to make quotas redundant; world-class healthcare for all; robust and meaningful vocational training to truly make it easier for one to work; improvements in farming technology, etc.


And of course, as promised Corruption would go out of the window!

What fun! Watch out world! Here comes India on the Center stage of world affairs, we will show you how things are actually done to create a true welfare state!

All that talk well all that it was. Just talk… putting it another way, If consumer goods or service business had advertised Achhe Din like this lot and given delivery like these chaps, both the top management and the brand ambassador(s) would most likely be behind bars for massive fraud and other penal clauses, which our cops like to slap on with aplomb – especially on those who they don’t particularly like it.

However, I was digressing…Slowly the dream first began to fade, and gradually turned into a horrific nightmare. 

Events that shattered our hopes

First, came the Demonetization stroke of the Modi government, an unplanned, horribly executed joke, killed More than 100 people in queues, a manyfold no of chronic patients prematurely dead – those who required chemotherapy, dialysis, but couldn’t get them because they didn’t have the cash to pay; farmers already on the brink getting poorer as they were unable to sell their produce; small businesses which worked only on cash shutting down, increasing unemployment. 

Not a peep from our Secular Ram-Rajya creating PM

This is when I began to realise that we had bought the biggest hoax in our history thus far. Every subsequent instance of citizens being trampled upon made me pray that that was the last, was dashed, as the nightmare only kept getting bigger.

Then came GST, previously vehemently opposed by the Modi government when in opposition, but now embraced wholeheartedly. A good idea, but again horribly implemented, causing terrific confusion (even for the implementing officers), what to say about the traders’ businesses and chartered accountants. Again led to a loss of business.

Then we have nearly 100 kids dying for lack of oxygen in a government hospital in Gorakhpur, from where the current UP CM hails from, from where he had been a long sitting MP.

Again in this Ulta Pradesh, as Uttar Pradesh is fondly referred to by the long-time residents,  we have an innocent man lynched by a crazed mob of self-righteous right-wing criminals in his house in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh while eating dinner, because it was alleged that he was eating beef.  This unleashed mobs of semi-literate and illiterate mobs of all hues and colour with the extreme right-wing leanings taking upon themselves to protect Cows, lynching and killing a number of people with apparently tacit support from the powers that be.

As if all that was not enough, the newly elected Powers that be, decided to unleash the comical Love Jihad against primarily Muslims dating Hindu Girls.  The entire state machinery was put to work to prevent people from dating, the vigilante groups now found a new cause to come into their own in which even married couples were not left alone and one saw video clips of all sorts of couples being shamed, chastised or even bashed by these upholders of Law and Morality.  Forget rapes, murders, unemployment, extreme poverty, poor healthcare, etc., etc… As long as people were not dating, it was all honkey dory.

Of course, let us not forget that in the name of progress, Government buildings in Ulta Pradesh were given a fresh lick of paint – Bhawgwa colour, and cities names were changed from centuries-old accepted names to new ones.  Amazing progress!  This should feed the masses for a few generations to come!

These were just some examples of how the government was speeding up the demise of the economy while claiming to be doing the opposite

Somewhere along the line came the horrific Unnao rapes and murders by no less than the BJP MLA for the area. Not a peep from the guardian of women’s rights – the Hon’able MP from Amethi – or other Rakshaks of ‘Bharatiya Sanskriti’.

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Of course, all this while the sycophantic Bhakts, who were so impressed with the Mann Ki Baat, felt that we already have delivery of all the rosy dreams, wanted to put up temples to the – in their thought – the new Ram of India, who in this instance shall remain nameless, lest I offend the real and much-loved Ram of the Ramrajya of lore.

Towards the end of 2019, Corona had reared its ugly head, and it was only time before it reached our shores. However, all planning was put on hold, because we had Bihar elections round the corner (which our PM dearly wanted to win), and didn’t want to miss a photo Opp with as he fondly calls him – Doland Trump. So of course we had to wait. Once these events were over, an unplanned lightning lockdown was declared, leaving most of us common folk unprepared.

Now things really started to unravel. We had thousands of migrants dying on roads going home – again total silence from the Ramrajya creator, and needless to say, employment further plummeted to new lows, and the economy going back a decade or more.

The only wisdom that the new saviour of India had to offer was first to ring bells, then to light diyas and finally his sagacious advice to the Nation  – “Become Self Reliant”.

Then came the second wave…. scientists had been warning about it, but only 16 million vaccines were ordered for a population of 1.50 billion because the rest had to be given to the rest of the world to get accolades for the Modi government, and also that money had to be kept aside for his Dream Central Vista Project, which includes a spanking new house for him, right next to the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

The people will get so filled with joy at the prospect of the New House for the PM, that either they will get well at the thought of their beloved PM now moving into a Palatial mansion to match his ego, or will die in peace at the thought.  No need for arranging medicare. He will get the accolades and a new mansion.  Should be quite sufficient for the adoring masses. Thank you!

Again Covishield, which was apparently ready for a rollout by mid -December was held off because again – as reports go- the government wanted to do some grandstanding. A precious few weeks were lost due to this hunger for publicity.

Not only that despite numerous warnings, but no preparations were also made, instead, the focus was on Bengal and other elections, which took up all the time of the entire Indian Cabinet, including the respective state governments.

Election rallies that should not have happened were held with blatant disregard for citizens safety and lives… a lockdown or restricted movement – like section 144 – which should have been imposed, was ignored at the altar of electoral greed and hubris. Not only the central government, but the opposition was also busy promoting themselves during the election rallies.

Mass gathering during Kumbh and Eid respectively led to the uncontrolled spread of COVID 19.

All this and more led to an uncontrolled spread of Corona and even helped create a few deadlier variants. People have been dying for lack of oxygen, medicines, hospital beds, and of course vaccines, patients dying outside hospitals and at homes, frontline workers – the doctors and nurses succumbing to this new deadly strain while diligently at work…. still no effect on the PM and his acolytes and sycophants.

In fact, the state machinery has been more bothered to weed out – as they call them – the Anti- Nationals – who are finding fault with the whole state of affairs largely created due to Government apathy, ineptitude, gross negligence and hubris.

The Hon’able Supreme Court and respected high courts have had to come out in censure of the State and Central governments. Still no effect.

In a new case, where some people put up posters asking the PM about the lack of vaccines that were promptly arrested by an enthusiastic Delhi police on very flimsy grounds to deter further criticism. The Delhi Police in response said that arrests were made in accordance with the law.

Till when will these sycophants go on praising the Emperor’s new clothes – perhaps till heaven forbid the horrors being faced by the citizens are faced by them and their loved ones.

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Pravin Narain Agarwal

Pravin Narain Agarwal is a thinker, dreamer and believer.
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