Dear Caller Tune, we are not getting COVID vaccine slot, stop asking us to get vaccinated

COVID Vaccine: It hurts to listen to the caller tune asking to get vaccinated when there aren’t any vaccine slots available

Last week, the Delhi High Court asked the Centre, “What is the point of the caller tune asking to get COVID vaccine when there aren’t any?” making its point that when the government doesn’t have the arrangements for the vaccines, why are they letting people have the burden of listening to that “irritating” caller tune every time they make a call, The Scroll reported.

“Who will get vaccination when there is no vaccination? What is the point of the message?”

 – The High Court to Centre

Kudos to the High Court for addressing this because listening to the long message of the caller tune glorifying Indian COVID vaccine, binding trust and hope and then leaving in disguise with the availability of no vaccine that’s really accessible hurts.

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We asked people if it hurts to listen to the caller tune for the COVID vaccine or does it act as an awareness and reminder call.

82% said that it really hurts to listen to this caller tune every time you call a person.

For the government, propagating that they are giving the vaccines is important, for the listeners, actually getting a vaccine is what matters and that’s what’s not happening.”

“At this point in time, we are making hundreds and thousands of calls every day. Most of them are SOS verifying for beds and oxygens, but the government won’t get it. You have to listen to that sound uttering ‘Naya saal aasha ki kiran le kar aaya hai… Bhartiye vaccine par bharosa kare”. And we listen to this at a time when we are mentally dealing with an emergency case of someone dying.”

“I am waking up day and night, setting up alarms to keep a regular check on the Cowin website to get the slot for my parents even. I don’t know when I will get the slot for myself when even the 45+ category is not getting.”

Worst of all, “I booked a vaccine for myself and my husband. It was a 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM slot. We went to the centre at 2:30 and got to know from some neighbour in the hospital that the centre had been closed at 1:00 PM, for what reason was not mentioned. They just said, ‘subah 1 baje tak thi bheed fir log aane band ho gye the toh band kar di hogi”.

Well, it truly hurts to listen to that caller tune, imposing positivity when the situation is not really bright. The caller tune is giving a ray of false hope and more importantly not making sense when the vaccines are not available. The bench of judges suggested keeping the SOS in mind, that the authorities must consider collaborating with anchors and TV producers to make awareness programs perhaps for the use of Oxygen cylinders and concentrators.

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