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12 Questions to Ask an Injury Attorney Before Committing to Services

Need help finding the right injury attorney? Here are 12 questions to ask before making your final decision and committing to services.

Essential Questions to Ask an Injury Attorney Before Hiring

Car accidents are a regular occurrence in the United States, and a staggering 43 percent of those accidents result in injuries that could prevent you from resuming your old life. Your injuries could cost thousands of dollars and stop you from returning to work. You must do your research to find the best representation possible after you’ve been injured in an accident.

The research process starts with knowing the best questions to ask your potential injury attorney. The best accident injury attorney should check off every box and give you confidence that they’ll help you get the compensation you deserve after your injuries.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this helpful guide to the best questions to ask your personal injury attorney to make the perfect hire. Continue reading to learn the twelve essential questions you should ask each candidate today!

  1. How Much Will This Cost?

The first question you should ask before proceeding is how much the legal representation will cost. The rates will change from one lawyer or law firm to the next, so ask how the representation charges are and their rates before hiring an injury attorney.

It’s best to look for law firms that offer free consultations when sifting through your options. Use the free consultation as an excellent opportunity to ask difficult questions about costs. Determining if a lawyer charges an hourly rate or a contingency fee is crucial.

Ask about the cost so you can eliminate any options that don’t fit within your budget. You’ll also better understand the injury lawyer’s or law firm’s values. The contingency fee is the best option to pursue since you won’t pay anything unless the lawyer who took your case comes out with a settlement or a win.

  1. Have You Won Similar Cases?

It’s also essential to ask about their success rate and experience with personal injury cases similar to yours. Not all personal injury claims are the same, and finding a lawyer with experience working cases similar to yours will give you confidence that you’ll get the settlement you deserve.

An injury attorney with experience helping with work injuries might not be the best fit for a product liability case. Talk to the attorneys you’re considering to find out which types of cases they have the most experience with.

You’ll benefit from this extra step because your personal injury attorney will have experience with the steps necessary to help you compile evidence and work with the resources you need to prove your injuries.

The accident injury attorney will know who to contact about your medical treatment and the money you’ve spent to heal. It’s the best chance to maximize your compensation from your injury settlements. You can read more to get the help you deserve after your injuries.

  1. Do You Have Testimonials?

Testimonials are an excellent resource when looking for car injury attorneys to work with. These former clients will give you first-hand insight into what working with a personal injury attorney is like. You’ll also learn much about the confidence of your new attorney based on their willingness to put you in touch with a previous client.

It’s a significant red flag if your attorney claims to have handled dozens of injury cases but can’t think of a client to connect you with. Avoid working with a work injury attorney that doesn’t have excellent reviews and rapport with clients.

The information you’ll gain from previous clients will help you understand how the process works when moving toward a settlement. Speak with a previous client who had injuries similar to yours. It’s an effective way to get a clearer picture of the coming weeks and months as you work to obtain reimbursement for your injuries.

  1. Who Will Handle the Case?

It’s best to ask who will handle your case if you work with a law firm instead of an independent injury lawyer. You may have your consultation with one lawyer and receive help from someone else. Each firm handles case management differently, so asking is the best way to clarify who will be helping you.

Large law firms have legal teams that help to get results with personal injury cases. Legal assistants and paralegals are qualified to help with your claim, and they’re who you’ll be in contact with most when working with a law firm.

There are benefits of working with a large law firm since you’ll always have a point of contact you can trust and rely on. Working with an independent attorney is risky since they could take on new cases and have less time to invest in your situation.

The goal of asking this question is to find an attorney who will help you navigate the process and have time to help you. Personal access provides a better shot at getting the settlement you deserve.

Consider your preferred communication style when comparing your options for injury attorneys. Asking questions is best for finding an attorney that fits your communication style. You’ll eliminate that creeping anxiety that comes with waiting for an announcement from the lawyer or law firm.

  1. What Is the Best Way to Contact You?

In addition to finding a responsive injury attorney who uses a preferable communication style, it’s also wise to ask about the best way to contact the injury attorney when you need an update. Find an attorney you know will pick up the phone when you call during an emergency.

Finding ways to contact your lawyer will provide peace of mind. The best car injury attorneys give their personal phone numbers to clients so they can reach them anytime. A case manager can give simple updates, but speaking with the accident injury attorney is the best way to get a clear picture of where the case is headed.

  1. Do You Foresee Any Issues?

After providing your side of the story and the evidence that backs it up, ask your personal injury attorney if they foresee any issues as you proceed with your claim. The sooner you know of any potential problems, the sooner you can counter them.

The hurdles you’ll face will prepare you to build a case that improves your odds of winning the settlement. Your attorney will help you develop a case strategy to overcome and address the issue they see.

An experienced injury lawyer will also set up meetings and appointments with specialists and medical professionals to gain more evidence of the severity of your injuries. You’ll get the best resources to win your case when you work with a personal injury attorney for your case.

  1. How Long Will the Case Last?

Asking how long your case will last is a trick question for your potential work injury attorney. Several factors are at play with an injury case, and it’s not fair to ask for a specific timeline from your injury attorney. A personal injury case could take a few months to years to resolve, so it’s best to prepare yourself for the long haul.

Your attorney can use similar cases they’ve worked on in the past to give you an estimate of how long your case will run. Hire an honest attorney who will provide straight answers rather than false promises.

Use false promises to eliminate options from your list of attorneys. Ask for the reasoning behind the estimated timeline to gain further information about the coming months as you process your injury case. Honesty is always best, so listen closely to the answer you receive from car injury attorneys.

  1. What If You Don’t Want to Settle?

You may also not want to agree to a settlement between you and the other parties after you’ve suffered severe injuries at work or while driving. Some attorneys are always looking for ways to lighten their caseloads, and agreeing to a settlement is a quick and easy way to decrease their work. It’s common for overworked attorneys to accept the first settlement offer they get.

Asking about the settlement options is a terrific way to determine if your attorney will help you work toward a different outcome for your claim. Find an attorney willing to take your case to trial if necessary to help you get the reimbursement you deserve.

You deserve an attorney who will help you get the outcome you crave after your injuries. It’s not the easy path, but it’s the one you deserve, and finding a lawyer who has your best interests at heart will help you get the outcome you’re hoping for. Your legal battle will be much simpler if you find a qualified and experienced lawyer invested in your case’s outcome.

  1. What If You Lose?

It’s not the most straightforward question, but you must discover what will happen if you lose your case. No one wants to think about what will happen if they lose their personal injury case. Knowing what will happen if you lose is vital to prepare for the next steps.

Most cases don’t go to court with personal injuries, so the odds of the case going against you are slim. Ask your attorney how they plan to respond if you should lose your case. Knowing how they’ll react will reinforce your decision to hire them or go with someone else.

You could still face litigation fees from your court case if you lose, so prepare in advance to pay those fees off. The longer your case drags on, the higher your litigation fees will become. Ask about the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll face if you lose your case.

  1. What’s the Case Worth?

Another question you should bring to the table during your consultation is the worth of your case. Each case is unique, so it’s difficult to give an accurate value to each case. There’s no fee calculator or a way to account for each cost of your case, so it’s not fair to ask for a specific value when meeting with your work injury attorney.

It’s best to ask for a range you can expect your case to fall into should you win. Some of your case’s value depends on your attorney’s ability to negotiate a substantial settlement on your behalf. An attorney willing to go to court and fight for your case believes you can receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

  1. Do Fees Change if the Case Goes to Trial?

Knowing about any additional fees you’ll face should your case go to trial is helpful. Having an accident injury attorney willing to go to court on your behalf is valuable. Still, you want to avoid getting caught off-guard by additional legal fees your lawyer doesn’t cover.

You could find yourself in court if the insurance company refuses to agree to a settlement and you’re unhappy with the reimbursement you’re receiving. Expect the contingency fee to increase if you do find yourself in court. Your attorney will receive more of your settlement if this happens.

  1. How Long Have You Practiced?

The amount of time spent working in the legal industry and trying cases like yours is helpful information when hiring car injury attorneys. View your attorney’s experience as similar to that of a surgeon or doctor. The more time spent in the industry, the more experience and knowledge they have.

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Ask about their experience working on personal injury cases. A lawyer with several years of experience is well-equipped to guide you toward the settlement you deserve. Be direct, and find out how many cases they’ve taken and their success rate in helping injured individuals.

Find the Perfect Injury Attorney for Your Case

Finding an injury attorney to help you get the settlement you deserve for your medical bills is crucial, especially after you’ve been involved in a work or car accident. Ask about their experience in handling cases like yours, and get a timeline for when they think your injury claim will be complete. Find out how they charge for service, and ask for testimonials from past clients.

Are you ready to get the assistance and guidance you deserve? Explore more of our health and finance section for engaging articles and helpful tips today!

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