5 Foods Never to Pair with Your Tea: Unhealthy Food Combinations to Avoid

Avoid such Food Combinations - While drinking tea, avoid steer clear of foods that include turmeric as they may cause digestive issues like gas, acidity, or constipation.

 Never Combine Your Tea With These 5 Foods | Unhealthy Food Combinations

We all like chai and it is difficult to imagine a day without breakfast tea. The extent that only a cup of tea can make you feel better and every time you are down or too stressed, be sure that your mood will be uplifted. However, you could be stunned to learn that there are some food items you should skip if you have tea as the nutritional value is diminished. The reason is that when you consume one nutrient-rich food along with another, you are blocking the ability of the latter to do the same. Furthermore, bloating, constipation, indigestion and skin assaults are some troubles which it often creates. So here are some Food Combinations you must avoid – 

Green vegetables

Incorporating green vegetables with a hot cup of tea seems to be a tough burden on your metabolism. Such a combination in turn, starves the body of the iron and deprives it of its basic requirement for health. Tea contains the tannins and oxalates that affect negatively the absorption of iron, in particular, the iron that is derived from plant sources.

Cold Food Items

It can be a problem to the pairing of hot tea with cold food because, they do not go together, as heat and cold are not a great match. It causes indigestion and rarely digests food well when the food is from a too cold or too hot temperature area. It could even worsen a motion sickness problem, for example nausea and restlessness. The practice the half an hour after hot tea is to have a cold eating.

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Many people use lemon water along with them during fasting period. Being citrus fruit, lemon mixel with tea leaves will result in relieving of tea with gas.

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They often serve tea with foods on their sides.However, these snacks are traditionally prepared via chickpea flour. Fat foods like pakodas or namkeen consumed along with tea can be the cause of digestive problems whereas these could be connected to acidity later on.


You’ve got to curb foods from getting into your system if you’re to limit this more since turmeric yet seems also to be causative of gas, acidity or constipation. Tea, which already contains caffeine, together with turmeric may not be the best option for the people.

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