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Tragedy Strikes: Indian Student Fatally Stabbed in US Gym

Indian student Varun Raj Pucha's life was cut short in a US gym stabbing. Valparaiso University expresses sorrow; the community supports grieving families with $90,000 raised through GoFundMe.

US: Varun Raj Pucha, 24, succumbs to injuries; Valparaiso University mourns. Community unites in grief


In the US a heartbreaking turn of events, 24-year-old Indian student Varun Raj Pucha, pursuing Computer Science at Valparaiso University, lost his life after a stabbing incident at a fitness center in Indiana. Jordan Andrade, 24, attacked Varun, leading to his tragic demise on October 29.

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Campus Mourns: Tragic Loss

Valparaiso University expressed deep sorrow, stating, “Our campus community has lost one of its own.” The assailant is facing charges, but the focus remains on supporting Varun’s grieving family during this devastating time.

Varun, who arrived in the US in August 2022, was set to return home to Khammam, Telangana, after completing his MS in Computer Science next year. Despite the hopeful start, his dreams were shattered by this unexpected tragedy.

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The university is organizing a service of remembrance and memorial on November 16, underscoring the community’s shared grief. Varun’s cousin, Anile Balleboyne, highlighted his dreams and the challenges his family now faces. As the community rallies together, the North American Telugu Society has raised $90,000 through GoFundMe to support Varun’s grieving family.

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