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People Getting Blown Away: Video Shows Moment Storm Hits Cruise Ship

Storm Hits Cruise Ship of Royal Caribbean, people see running around as a stroller gets hit by a flying chair

Storm Hits Cruise Ship of Royal Caribbean: Panicked Passengers Running Around

In a recent video that has been circulating widely on Twitter, it was seen that passengers were hit by a crazy storm when they were aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. 

Storm Hits Cruise Ship of Royal Caribbean

The video shows how people scrambled to safety the moment heavy storms and rains started hitting the deck of the cruise ship The incident had taken place on June 16 when the storm hit the cruise ship name Independence of the Seas as it was preparing to leave the Florida port. 

The video received a lot of flake as well as responses from people on Twitter. A lot of people also shared how they had faced similar situations on another cruise ship. The video was scary, to say the least, as people ran to save themselves. The video also showed how a stroller was hit by a flying chair, luckily the mother had the child in her hands. 

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People were also seen using the railing to get to safety as they were rushed by strong winds. 

In response to this, the Royal Caribbean responded, “On Friday, June 16, while departing from Port Canaveral, Independence of the Seas encountered a sudden gust of high winds. This lasted for a brief period and there were no serious injuries to our guests or crew. Independence of the Seas continued its regularly scheduled 3-night itinerary, arriving to Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas, on Saturday morning, as scheduled.”

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They also said no one was hurt in the incident and no fatalities were reported. However, the video does put fear in the minds of people if they are looking to travel on the cruise for their next holiday. 

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