Vijay Varma Reflects on Public Fascination with His Relationship with Tamannaah Bhatia; Says ‘It Was Bigger News Than…’

Vijay Varma opens up about the public's fascination with his relationship with Tamannaah Bhatia, noting the surprise and enjoyment they find in the attention.

Vijay Varma Discusses the Surprising Public Obsession with His Romance with Tamannaah Bhatia, Revealing It Overshadowed His Film Releases

Vijay Varma, currently in the spotlight for his latest web series ‘Mirzapur Season 3’ on Amazon Prime Video, has also been making headlines for his personal life. The actor, who is dating actress Tamannaah Bhatia, recently opened up about their relationship. Speaking to Mashable India, Vijay shared his surprise at the level of public interest in their relationship. “Shock laga ki itna logon ko interest hai is mein but I got used to it now. Pehle aisa laga ki meri film release se badi news hai so that was a big revealing of how people see things. (I used to be shocked by how much interest there was in our relationship. Initially, I felt that it was bigger news than my film being released),” he remarked, highlighting the unexpected attention.

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Despite the initial surprise, Vijay mentioned that he and Tamannaah have come to “enjoy” the public’s curiosity. He shared a story from their journey, revealing that fate played a role in bringing them together when they “crossed paths at the same time.” He also praised Tamannaah’s linguistic skills, noting that she is fluent in Telugu and Tamil, which he finds fascinating.

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The couple first met on the set of ‘Lust Stories 2’, an anthology series. Vijay recalled how their professional relationship blossomed into something more. During a small wrap-up party with just four attendees, he asked Tamannaah out, marking the beginning of their love story. Their chemistry in Sujoy Ghosh’s feature within the anthology was notably one of the highlights of ‘Lust Stories 2’.

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