6 Signs That Will Prove You’re Dating Vicky Kaushal of Your Life

Here are 6 Signs You are Dating an Emotionally Intelligent Man

Many hearts were broken when our favourite, Vicky Kaushal, was taken by beautiful Karina Kaif. However, if you ever manifested Vicky Kaushal in your life, we will tell you what you will get with in this handsome package.

Let us face it, ladies. It is tough to find an emotionally intelligent man. And Vicky Kaushal is lauded for that quality. In this world of boys, they are almost an endangered species. The one who has the opportunity to date a man like that can consider herself lucky (Hey Katrina!). If you are not sure if your man is emotionally intelligent, here are 6 signs that will clarify that you are dating Vickey Kaushal of your dreams.

He accepts his wife’s influence

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How many newlywed husbands will say their wives are “wise & intelligent, moreover have “great influence” them too? For sure, a handful. However, Vicky Kaushal, in an interview, stated that he is fortunate to find a life partner in Katrina Kaif. Kaushal said that he learns a lot from his wife. Men and women show different ways of experiencing conflict. Men are more prone to stonewalling, meaning they will delay or obstruct (a process, request, or person) by refusing to answer questions or being evasive. A husband who lacks emotional intelligence rejects his partner’s influence because he fears a loss of power.

He’s aware of his strengths & weaknesses

Strength and weakness are not only about pros and cons. It is also about what you want to do and their opportunity costs. In the many interviews, Vicky Kaushal stated that a question hit him in his engineering, “do you really want to do this (engineering)?”

An emotionally intelligent man knows that his strengths can help him achieve his goals. He will do all to focus more on his positive traits and not on those negative ones. There will be times when he will stumble upon his problems and dig deeper to reveal his strengths. They will help him get over all the bad things that have happened to him. He is the one who can control both his strengths and weaknesses, and he is damn good at it!

He lives in the present

Revising engineering day, Vicky Kaushal said that he is not a big fan of the next five years’ planning as he doesn’t know what will happen in the next 5 minutes. Sometimes things may go the way you have planned for them. This shows that Vicky lives in the present.

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An emotionally intelligent man does not think about all those bad things that happened to him in the past. Instead, he makes lovely memories to cherish in the good old days. Future is a concern for him, but only if he has a good enough reason. His powers are invested in new projects and do everything to make them worthwhile.

He’s a good listener

Katrina Kaif and Vicky got the chance to interview each other. How carefully they listen to each other indicates that they are perfect together.

A man like Kaushal will always provide a patient hearing and help you get out of your problems.

An emotionally intelligent man is someone you can always rely on. He will love you to the moon and back if you give him a good enough reason to marry you.

Therefore, if anywhere in your dreams you manifested Vicky Kaushal, wait for an emotionally intelligent man.

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