5 reasons why Netflix’s The Last Dance docu-series is a must watch

Watch The Last Dance to get inside look of the legendary Michael Jordan

If you are a sports fan or a documentary movies/series fan and haven’t watched Netflix’s “The Last Dance”, you are in for a treat. The Last Dance is about the greatest Basketball player Michael Jordan and NBA franchise Chicago Bulls. The 10-episode docu-series is one of the finest sports documentaries ever made. I know, we are not a fan of Basketball in India, but trust me this series is not just about the game but also about life.

  1. Michael Jordan

We being a huge cricket fan know a lot about cricket superstars not just who belong to India but also who do well in International Cricket. Although, we have heard the name of legendary Michael Jordan but how much do we really know about his greatness? We guess! Very less. Well, watch The Last Dance for unbelievable performances of Michael Jordan throughout his career and the amazing presence he had on Basketball court.

  1. Life lessons

This docu-series will teach you so many lessons. There was a time when Jordan lost his father and he retired. He started playing professional baseball. Later, he decided to come back to Basketball but faced a big challenge to play at the same level he used to play earlier. His never-losing attitude, hard-work, commitment, leadership skills will teach you some great lessons on how to excel in your work and life.

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The Last Dance

  1. Sports management

When we watch IPL, we hardly know a lot about what goes behind the success of teams like Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders or why Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings Eleven Punjab have not won an IPL trophy yet. In franchise leagues, it is more about management than the individual performances of players. The Last Dance will give an insight into what goes in the change rooms of players, how coach and management play an important role in shaping the team.

  1. Filming

Apart from all the above reasons, filming of The Last Dance stands out. The screenplay, writing, vintage clips, interviews, thrill, adventure, drama, just name what you want and you will get it.

  1. Basketball

At last, watch this series to know about the game of Basketball. Trust us, we also didn’t know a lot about the game but after watching the series, we can take part in the freaking Basketball quiz show. After all, it is one of the most followed sports in the USA, why shouldn’t we know about it?

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