Smart Jodi Shared Their Stories on ‘Being Found’ & it’s melting our hearts!

From Bhagyashree’s elopement to Rahul Mahajan’s fourth marriage statement, Smart Jodi shared their tales


We did not elope- Bhagyashree Dassani.

If got a chance, I will marry fourth time even- Rahul Mahajan

Flying Beast made his television début

People trolled Vicky after Sushant’s death- Ankita Lokhande.

Smart Jodi: Love is in the air, and Contestants of Smart Jodis are proving it. Star plus came up with a new reality show where some celebrity couples compete to be called Smart Jodi. In the recent episode, some couples shared their heart-warming stories on being found.

Smart Jodis shared their stories on ‘being found.’

We did not elope- Bhagyashree Dassani.

Bhagyashree Dassani, a veteran actress of Bollywood will be sharing the screen again with her husband Himalaya Dassani in the reality show Smart Jodi after 30 years. In 1992, the actors worked together in such movies as ‘Qaid Mein Hai Bulbul,’ ‘Paayal,’ and ‘Tyagi,’ after more than three decades. Today, they continue to share that chemistry on screen.

The makers shared a promo of the upcoming episode in which Bhagyashree can be seen getting teary-eyed. The actress gets emotional as she recalls marrying Himalay with her parents’ consent. According to Bhagyashree, there was no one at their wedding other than Himalaya. She added that she becomes furious when people say she ran away from her family to marry Himalaya. She claimed she did not run away.

In addition, she urged parents to let their children make their own decisions. This is not the end, it is their life, and they have to live it.

If got a chance, I will marry fourth time even- Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan and Natalya participated in the reality show Smart Jodi, and their Rahul relationship story won every heart. Natalya revealed in a show segment that she was trying to set him up with a girl since he was seeking a wife. Natalya also shared that she had even tried to set up Rahul with her mother, who was just three years younger than she was. Rahul revealed that he shares eighteen years of an age gap with her.

Talking about his previous two marriages, Natalya stated that it did not matter to her, as they were short-lived. According to Natalya, the union is much more profound. Rahul further said that he would get married the fourth time, but it would be with Natalya.

Flying Beast made his television début

YouTube sensation Flying Beast, aka Gaurav Taneja, made his television début with Ritu Rathee Taneja. Both Gaurav and Ritu are licensed, commercial pilots. However, they gain popularity with their family vlogs. Besides this, Gaurav is a nutritionist, lifestyle mentor, fitness enthusiast, gamer bodybuilder, to-be lawyer, and proud father of two daughters, Pihu (Chaitravi) and Raspberry (Kairavi).

The story of this pilot couple is a bit dreamy. While going through a memory lane, Ritu shared that she used to never check out boys, but the charisma of Gaurav changed her mind. Gaurav even went on his knees and swore to be loyal to her in one of the episodes, leaving the audience in complete awe!

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People trolled Vicky after Sushant’s death- Ankita Lokhande

In a recent appearance on a TV show, actor Ankita Lokhande and husband Vicky Jain opened up about the challenges they faced after actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death in 2020. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide on June 14, 2020, Ankita visited his family and made several appearances in front of the media to talk about him.

Talking about this on Smart Jodi, she said, “I have forgotten my past. However, that thing needed me at that moment, and I was unable to tell that Vicky. But he understood me without me needing to say anything.”

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As Ankita appeared with Sushant’s family after his death, many even trolled Vicky on social media, and some questioned Ankita’s intentions. Adding to it, Vicky said, “A lot of people had wrong notions about things. I was unable to understand it all. I am proud of Ankita that she v boldly handled it. She fulfilled whatever duties and responsibilities she had. Wherever it was needed, she said her piece for herself and that relationship. For that honesty, I always supported her.” Ankita and Vicky began dating in 2019 and married on December 14, 2021.

Watch Smart Jodi on star plus and Disney +Hotstar  every Saturday – Sunday at 8 pm.

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