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Gumraah Review: A Gripping Crime Thriller, Starring Aditya Roy Kapoor, With A Twist 

Gumraah is a gripping Hindi mystery crime thriller that explores the world of identical twins. Starring Aditya Roy Kapoor in a dual role, the film offers a fresh take on the theme, with well-developed characters, unexpected twists, and a satisfying payoff. A must-watch for fans of the genre.

Gumraah review; Aditya Roy Kapoor shines in the gripping thriller, a well-executed Bollywood adaptation of the Tamil movie Thadam

Gumraah review: Bollywood has frequently explored the theme of identical twins in films, including scenarios where both twins are in love with the same woman, or where they impersonate each other leading to chaos for those around them. Due to the frequency of this theme in the past, it may seem difficult to bring a fresh perspective to the topic. However, the film Gumraah manages to do just that. 

The plot centers around two characters, Arjun and Ronnie, played by Aditya Roy Kapoor, who exist in vastly different worlds. Arjun is a corporate employee who faces the challenge of wooing the girl he is interested in, putting in a lot of effort to invite her out for a “coffee” date. However, the audience is treated to a cringeworthy and not so charming romantic sequence.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is a highly intelligent con artist, whose livelihood relies on devising cunning plans to earn his money. In contrast to Arjun’s mundane office job, Ronnie’s life is full of excitement and intrigue as he navigates the dangerous world of cons and swindles.

Despite their different lifestyles, the two characters’ paths eventually cross, and their stories become intertwined. This collision of worlds leads to unexpected consequences, as the audience is taken on a thrilling ride full of twists and turns.

The movie explores the dichotomy between the mundane world of corporate life and the exciting world of a con artist, while also weaving in a romantic storyline with a pinch of humour 


  • Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller
  • Cast: Aditya RoyKapoor, MrunalThakur, Ronit Roy, Deepak Kalra, Vidya Pradeep
  • Storyline: A murder occurs, with identical twins as suspects.

Gumraah is a Hindi film that has been adapted from the Tamil movie Thadam.

When it comes to thrillers, Bollywood movies featuring big stars often feel like a firecracker that burns out quickly and fails to sustain the excitement. In contrast, Gumraah is like a bomb that builds up suspense throughout the movie and explodes at just the right moment, providing a satisfying payoff to the audience.

What we liked

Unlike other Bollywood thrillers, Gumraah doesn’t rely on flashy stunts or over-the-top action sequences to keep the audience hooked. Instead, it uses a gripping storyline, well-developed characters, and a well-executed plot to create a tense and thrilling experience for the viewers.

Overall, Gumraah is a refreshing departure from the typical Bollywood thriller formula and is a must-watch for fans of the genre. The film manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end and delivers a satisfying conclusion that makes it worth the watch.

What we didn’t like

Gumraah takes a considerable amount of time to establish itself. Rather than incorporating it directly, the film employs its fillers as a lead-in to the central theme. The initial chapters of Gumraah acquaint the audience with the primary characters, and it evokes reminiscences of Ajay Devgan’s Drishyam. At certain points, it may be challenging to discern between Arjun and Ronnie on the silver screen. Nonetheless, once it establishes the disposition of the two primary characters, as well as several others in a police station, the story commences in earnest.

The real substance of the movie lies in its second half, where Aditya Roy Kapur impresses the audience with his nuanced portrayal of both Arjun and Ronnie. Director Vardhan Ketkar successfully captures the essence of the lead characters, as well as creating a solid ACP Dhiren Yadav (played effectively by Ronit Roy).

However, Ketkar falls short by providing poorly developed female leads (Mrunal Thakur and Vedika Pinto) who appear briefly in a few sequences and hastily assembled songs. While Thakur’s underwhelming performance in Sita Ramam could be attributed to her character’s weak writing, it is still evident in Gumraah.

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The extended flashback detailing the twins and their family drama could disrupt the otherwise taut storyline, but the unexpected twist at the end makes up for most of it. However, the attempt to give the movie a feel-good ending felt unnecessary and Vardhan should have left it with the twist.

Despite these minor missteps, Gumraah is a gripping thriller that keeps the audience engaged until the very end. Aditya Roy Kapur’s effortless and meticulous acting adds to the movie’s overall quality, making it a well-written whodunnit.

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