Mili Movie Review: Got All Chills, Proves Logic & Drama Can Go Hand-in-Hand

Mili Movie Review: A Survival-Triller All-Set to Give You Some Chills, A Remake with All OGs

Mili Movie Review: The weather is getting chilly and Mili is giving us some serious thrill chills. We are talking about Janhvi Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal starrer Mili is all set to make a theatrical release on November 4, 2022. This movie is a Hindi remake of the Malayalam blockbuster ‘Helen’.

Mili is a survival drama where a girl working in a fast-food restaurant at a mall, accidentally locked herself in cold storage. With every dip in the temperature, the chances of her survival also dwindle.
Now did she manage to survive or die cold-blooded; you have to read the full review for that.


With Janhvi as Mili Naudiyal and Sunny as Sameer, Manoj Pahwa is playing a very major role as Janhvi’s father. Sanjay Suri is playing the role of an honest cop, while Vikram Kochhar is the restaurant manager, and Anurag Arora stays true to the roots of a corrupted cop, Satish Rawat.


The story is taken to Dehradun, Uttarakhand where Mili lives with her father and works in a fast-food restaurant. She is also in love with Sameer, a jobless-clueless lover boy. They are like any other ordinary couple but once caught by cops in a drunk and driving case. However, the matter could have been resolved quickly but the notorious cop, Satish Rawat makes sure that Mili’s father got to know about it.
Mr Naudiyal behaves like a typical middle-class father and this incident sours Mili’s relationship with her father and Sameer as well.
However, the story starts getting intense when Mili gets stuck in a freezer and her hopes of getting out of it, seem to be dim.


Definitely, most of the limelight is focused on Janhvi Kapoor. The storyline, shots and interconnectivity of one shot to another are outstanding. But this was Janhvi’s time to outshine. She tried her best to deliver justice to the script, but we were a bit greedier this time.
Sunny Kaushal and Janhvi Kapoor could do better with their acting skills. Rest Manoj Pahwa as a worried father running from pillar to post in the quest for her daughter was worthy of all praises. Not to forget, if you walk out hating Anurag Arora from the hall, then he did justice to the role.

What do we like and learn from the film?

The survival instinct

The film engages you fully and evokes your survival instincts. With Mili, you find yourself making the calculations to get out of the freezer. And guess what, whatever, ideas pop into your mind have been used by the Mili. You will not find anything illogical in the film which is a + point for the makers. Also, it says that if you have that will and zeal to survive, you can survive for longer in any difficult situation. However, Did Mili able to make through? You have to watch the film for that. (YES! We are not giving you any spoilers, lekin ab yaha tak aa hi Gaye Ho to, invest few minutes more).

A Father-daughter relationship is OG

Mili’s father was angry with her and protested against her for not giving her the silent treatment. However, in the next 5 hours he realises that if he had not treated her so rudely, Mili would not have disappeared so mysteriously.
This also proves that sometimes, simply letting your emotions out could save you from big tragedies of life.


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The balance of thriller and light-hearted moments

The story is so intense that some weak-hearted people may resist buying tickets. But we promise that the thriller quotient has been perfectly balanced with some light-hearted moments.
Like the store manager’s unloved relationship with his wife, in the search for Mili, the father innocently says, “Mili ki Saheli Sameera ko phone Karo, Sara din use Baat Karti thi, use pata Hoga Mili Kaha Hai”, only to know that it was Sameer, was severed as some light-hearted moments for the audience.

There were a few things which could have been better to make this a perfect film, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your money and time.
After a long time, Bollywood has managed to give a good thriller film despite it being a remake. On that note, we can perfectly fit it in the 3.5-star category as it is a one time watch.

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