Casual Relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea, experts reveal why?

Not everyone is looking for a casual relationship & we should stop glamorizing it!

When was the last time you watched a film or a web series that restored your faith in true love? Can’t recall it, right? Because the entertainment industry has stopped creating such content. There is a famous SRK dialogue, “Mohabbat na toh badli hai, na toh badalegi.” But unfortunately, the meaning of relationships has changed in the past few years.  The perspective on romantic relationships has completely changed and casual dating has gradually taken over. Well, it is completely fine to experiment in love.  Today, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind before committing to someone. Be it your financial expectations, intimacy & what you really want from that relationship is quite important. In that case, starting a relationship casually is completely normal but do we need to glamourize it all the time?

One World News recently did a poll and asked people what they would prefer: a casual or a serious relationship. Our poll found out that 77% of people are looking for a serious relationship and they aren’t looking for anything casual. But somehow we have started glamourising casual relationships through movies and web series. Well, we completely agree that it is an individual’s choice – it is okay to go for a casual relationship or even for a hookup. But deliberately opting for them to look cool is not worth it. Getting into a casual relationship without understanding the boundaries, rules, and expectations can leave you emotionally drained. Recently, the web series Four More Shots season 3 was all about casual relationships and casual sex which is not a sin.  But it is not the only way to look at relationships.  We spoke to a relationship expert to understand more about modern relationships.

Here is what they shared:

  1. We are all different and we all have different needs when it comes to relationships.  Be it serious or casual, it is important for us to understand our own needs. If you are not looking for anything serious, you should be clear about it. A lot of people do not communicate it at the beginning of a relationship and then end up getting emotionally drained.
  2. He also pointed out that a lot of young men and women opt for casual because they want to experiment in love which is fine. But sometimes a casual relationship may become a serious deal for one partner, and then, it could lead to disappointment and emotional turmoil.
  3. Another important point that has to be understood by our generation is – love and security in a relationship are something that everyone craves for. We all need someone to lean on and share our deepest secrets. The only difference is that you might not be in that phase right now. In that case, it is important to communicate it to your partner.


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We asked him – Does the cinema and entertainment industry impact the choice of relationships amongst youngsters?

He said, “It is okay to talk about casual relationships because there should be no morality attached to it. We should normalize it, not every relationship is meant for marriage and kids. But at the same time, we need to understand that getting into a casual relationship is not a social media trend. There are pros and cons of getting into one. If you are ready for it, go for it.  He agreed that yes cinema does impact our idea of romance. Earlier, we believed – Pyaar ek baar hota hai aur shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai – but we have come a long way since then. Cinema is no more about it. We can now openly talk about casual sex which is great. Getting into a casual or serious relationship, completely depends on your emotional quotient.

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Final Words

Be it casual or serious, it should be your call. But for the sake of experimenting in love, one should not end up getting emotionally drained. Relationships are meant for emotional investment and bonding. After going through a lot of Reddit and Quora threads, we realized a lot of people opt for casual dating to look cool & or out of pressure to have someone in life to talk to. But looking at a bigger picture is important. The short pleasure might leave a long term emotional impact on you.

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