Meet Vikram Bhui, a man who followed his heart

The journey of Vikram Bhui proves that Destiny always has its own plans

No matter what you aspire to do in life, things that are meant for you will always find a way to you. Vikram Bhui, who is riding high on success after the release of his short film Pinki Ki Shaadi is a live example  Vikram Bhui was a Civil Engineer before he started his acting career.

Bittu, his character in Pinki Ki Shaadi is receiving a lot of love from the audience. We recently chatted with him about how acting happened to him and what he is planning for his future.

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If you haven’t watched the film yet, watch it right away! You will definitely thank us later for recommending it.


Now, without any further delay, let us take a look at what all he shared with us!

Engineer Ladka Ban Gya Actor – Here is how acting happened to him

Everything was great as Engineer as well. But probably it wasn’t Vikram’s calling. It all started when he was in College. Vikram Bhui was into dancing and enjoyed it a lot and became the head of his time. While working as a civil structural design engineer, he came across an opportunity to upload his dance video and the shortlisted candidate will get featured in a commercial along with Ranbir Kapoor. Vikram Bhui decided to give it a shot. He took an off from his office and got selected for the commercial as a side dancer & that one small break changed his life. But wait…. That’s not how he decided to take up acting.

Four Words by Ranbir Kapoor that changed Vikram’s life

While talking to us he said, “When it was the last day of the shoot, Ranbir Kapoor said to me generally that ‘See You In Movies’ which I interpreted in another way, thinking what if he meant was that he wants to see me in movies? Lol! So I got a bit inclined towards that thought.”

He then decided to join the theatre with Tom Alter sir and Benjamin Gilani sir. From there onwards he started doing it full time and also got training from Robin Das Sir (faculty of National School Of Drama). So that’s how acting happened to Vikram Bhui. – Well, that was quite interesting.  

Vikram Bhui said, “When I was with Tom alter Sir everything kind of fell into place because I really liked and enjoyed being with him and his company. This was also a big reason I considered this switch.”

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Vikram and his childhood Dreams – Just like every Indian Kid, he wasn’t able to decide – ‘Har Ghar Ki Baat hai’

He said – During my childhood I didn’t stick to any specific dream, rather it was all mixed up. Like someday I wanted to be a cricketer, someday an actor, someday dancer, someday Doctor, someday pilot, someday engineer, etc it was all like different phases that changed yearly. I also joined music class in school and wanted to become a musician and singer too and for some days even dreamt of being like Shaktiman (lol).  But gradually two things became close to me, one was cricket and the other was dancing so while I was in my school I had a deep inclination towards being a cricketer. I took coaching for it. I played for my school team, college team and I also played at the club level. I was doing quite well but I left it for my studies.

Interestingly, Vikram Bhui has also worked in different departments of filmmaking like the casting team, the direction team for few known movies, and TV serials alongside theatre and gradually shifted completely to acting.

He went on to share a Fun Fact with us.  “I acted in a serial for Starplus named “Airlines” most people don’t know about it. And I wasn’t exactly there for that role but there was some sudden requirement and someone informed them that I was into theatre. The assistant director on the spot gave me a scene to learn, act and show it to the director, I performed it for them and I was locked for that role and shot for it then and there itself on the same day. And that was my debut on TV. (That also made me believe that about some things you never know what might happen when (in a good way though) :)”

Talking about the influencers of his life, he gave credit to his family. He said that his mother, sister, and father have supported him a lot and are his biggest influencers.

His Mantra of Standing out – Do things you are good at

He never thinks of standing out rather he tries to give 100 percent to things that he does. Vikram bhui feels competition is in every field. All you can do is – Do your best.

Kind of Roles that he wants to pick in future

I didn’t expect anything and I don’t think I’ll be limiting my expectations but I feel that my process would be the same as it has been till now which is when I am offered a project: I get the script/story, I read it, I either like it or I don’t like, it if I like it I do it if I don’t like it then I, somehow don’t do it. That being said I’ll be curious to do different kinds of roles is it Positive, Serious, negative, grey or any other key roles suggested by the directors which might suit my personality.

How OTT Era has given a boost to everyone?

Talking about the OTT platform’s opportunities, he said it has and is giving very good opportunities for talented, new, and bold artists. Not only limited to actors but it has also opened doors for many technicians involved in filmmaking because now people are waiting for new content. They want to see more and more of what they getting. There are so many OTT platforms and I have got the news that many more are still on the way. I feel that the thing which accelerated this or worked as a catalyst was the lockdown as people were bound to be at home and many started doing work from home so they had plenty of time and now they kind of are habituated to watch OTT platforms and entertain themselves.

How Bittu happened to him?

It was a relatable character and he was quite interested in the script. Vikram Bhui said that he loved the script so he said yes to the role. Well, he has been appreciated for his phenomenal UP accent in the film.

Fact: Yes, I have tried my hand a bit at directing as well but my first love and my heart lies in acting But maybe I will direct something again but not at the moment.

Is Acting a Stable Career: Stability and Passion can go hand in hand? Vikram bhui had a witty answer to this question

It might be true or it might not be for some because I feel that every field actually has its own stability issues like if you are working in a company, you always want to reach a higher designation/salary and also your favourite department/project so that ways you kind of try to gain stability by reaching a destination. In the same way wherever you go like in life also you need stability & happiness. So this thing comes in every way but I’m glad that I can do work where my heart lies. I am grateful that I can follow my passion.  Therefore yes, stability issue is everywhere with everything but I feel you just want to do what you do best & whatever you like so that ways everything becomes easy and everything else becomes peripheral.

His Future Plans

He didn’t reveal much about his future projects but he gave some hints – That the upcoming series will also be based in UP and he will be playing the lead. There are a couple of more projects lined up but he can’t reveal them.

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