5 actresses who are the victims of online bullying

These famous celebrity actresses have been subjected to an online troll

It is said that to see the condition of any civilized society, one needs to see the women of that society. We are living in the 21st century but, even today there is no dearth of people who consider women less than men. If a woman tries to break the standards made by society, then she is trolled. Social media is such a medium that is no less than a boon for the people, but some people have made this medium a means to target women.

In the last few days, we have seen many such female celebrities who have come under the trolls because they have tried to challenge the rules made by society. Let us know about those women who have been subjected to online trolls.

1. Diya Mirza: Bollywood’s famous actress Dia Mirza married businessman Vaibhav Rekhi in the year 2021. This was her second marriage. Earlier she married her long-time boyfriend Sahil Sangha in the year 2014. This marriage did not last long and later both of them got divorced in the year 2019. Within two years of the divorce, Dia Mirza married Vaibhav Rekhi for the second time. Perhaps some people of the society did not like this and they started trolling the actress. Some people have even written on social media that these people fall in love too soon. After a month of marriage, Diya announced her and Vaibhav Rekhi’s first child, for which she was also trolled that Diya is going to become a mother within a month of marriage. Let us tell you that Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi announced on Instagram on 14 July that they have become parents to a son and their son was born on 14 May 2021.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan: In our society, there is such a situation of inequality that if a male actor increases his fees, then he is seen as successful, but on the other hand, if a female actress increases her fees, then she has to face online trolls. This is what happened with actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. The news came from the film corridors that a film is going to be made on the religious text Ramayana, for which Kareena Kapoor has asked for a fee of 12 crores. Some people probably did not like Kareena’s demand of 12 crores for Ramayana and they started trolling the actress. Does this incident raise the question in the mind that this would have been the reaction of the people if a male actor had increased his fees? For a male actor, it is considered a great success and a matter of pride, but for a woman, it is not so.

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3. Mandira Bedi: Raj Kaushal, the husband of TV and Bollywood’s famous actress Mandira Bedi, died on June 30 due to a heart attack. Mandira Bedi looked very sad due to the death of her husband but she did not forget to fulfill her duty. She broke the orthodox traditions, from shouldering her husband’s body to performing his last rites on her own. Some people appreciated Mandira a lot because of this but some conservative people did not like this and started trolling the actress. People trolled the actress mercilessly for performing the last rites and even accused her of breaking the traditions.

4. Fatima Sana Sheikh: On July 3, 2021, superstar Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao, who are called the perfectionists of Bollywood, announced that they are going to divorce each other, ending their 15-year marriage. Both of them will start a new chapter of their life not as husband and wife, but as co-parents and family to each other. After the announcement of divorce, people started trolling actress Fatima Sana Shaikh, who worked with Aamir Khan in ‘Dangal’, ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ on social media. Trolling people said that Fatima and Aamir are having an affair and she could be Aamir’s next wife. This incident shows that even today in our society, another woman is held responsible for the breakdown of any relationship.

5. Neena Gupta: Neena Gupta is one of those Bollywood actresses who have made their mark with her strong acting. Along with her superb acting, she is also known for breaking orthodox traditions. In the last few days, she once again came under the trolls’ target when she reached the famous lyricist Gulzar’s house to meet him. She had come to gift a book to Gulzar Sahab, during which she was wearing shorts. As soon as the pictures of Neena Gupta came on social media, people started trolling her saying that she is walking around wearing shorts even at the age of 62. After this incident, the actress, while replying to the trollers on social media, said that she does not care what 2-4 people think and say for her.

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