Mannara Chopra on Director’s Unwanted Kiss

Mannara Chopra addresses a viral video showing director Ravi Kumar Chowdary kissing her, emphasizing it was unintentional, stemming from his admiration for her work, and not inappropriate in nature.

Mannara Chopra clarifies the director’s kiss: Unintentional, fueled by admiration for her work, not inappropriate.

Mannara Chopra, the cousin of Priyanka Chopra, has found herself in the spotlight due to a viral video featuring film director Ravi Kumar Chowdary kissing her. The incident occurred while she was promoting her upcoming film, Thiragabadara Saami. In response to the growing controversy, Mannara was approached by paparazzi at the airport, where she addressed the situation.

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Director’s Kiss:

Mannara clarified that the director’s kiss was not intentional and that it stemmed from his excitement and admiration for her work. She emphasized that Ravi Kumar Chowdary appreciates her talent and was carried away by his emotions during the moment. Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani captured the interaction and shared it on social media with the caption, “@memannara talks about the ongoing controversy where in a viral video the director kisses her!”

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In essence, Mannara Chopra acknowledged the incident but maintained that it was a result of the director’s enthusiasm for her work, rather than any inappropriate intent. Her response aims to downplay the controversy surrounding the viral video and emphasize the positive aspects of her professional relationship with Ravi Kumar Chowdary.

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