Why Vidya Balan & Shefali Shah starrer Jalsa should be your Pick this Sunday!

Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah steal the show in a Noir movie where Moralities are put to Test. Watch Jalsa this Sunday and thank us later!


  • Vidya Balan’s Dhakkad Performance
  • Shefali Shah delivers another Matured Performance
  • Why should you pick Jalsa this week?

Ratings : 3 Stars

Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah starrer Jalsa released on Amazon Prime on March 18 & we binge watched the film. Well, it is so pleasurable to watch films that offer such well -crafted and meaningful roles to women. The dynamic duo Shefali Shah and Vidya Balan together was like a breath of fresh air. Vidya as Maya Menon was quite convincing, a fierce Journalist, sassy boss, rebellious daughter and over protective mother , who later on gets entangled in the notions of truth, morality and survival.

Jalsa also marks the directorial debut of Suresh Triveni. Jalsa unfolds like a psychological thriller which has a gripping portrayal of guilt and self -reflection as Triveni puts inner conflict at the core of his story and that’s what makes it interesting. The story will keep you at the edge till the end.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should pick this film this Sunday:

1. It was surreal to watch Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah together on the screen. When two such fine actors come together for a film all you expect is – Phenomenal Performances. And that’s what this film will give you. Vidya who has been a part of thrillers such as Kahaani and Te3n has outdone herself and left us inspired once again. After her enthralling performance in Sherni, Jalsa will set your expectations high yet again.

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2. We loved the way the story was treated. Triveni kept inner conflict, the core of the story and explored the psyche of his female leads and the everyday challenges of working women. They could be privileged women like Maya Menon ( Vidya Balan) or those from lower economic background Ruksana, everyone survives in their own way.

3. When we are talking about great performances, it is hard to not include Shefali Shah. Over the years, her choices of films and series have brought her to the top of her game. From being DCP Vartika to directing Happy Birthday Mummyji, she has established herself as a phenomenal artist. Shefali brought life to the character of Ruksana, with very few dialogues, she used her eyes to bring out the pain and anger.

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4. The film touches the topic of disparity that happens to exist in our society, but never to a point that it bores you. The subtle treatment to the disparities present in our society are compelling but not boring.

5. Last but not least, Maya Menon ( Vidya Balan) , Ruksana Mohammad, and Maya’s mom are yet another example that women can run houses. Maya’s bond with her mom in the film is something that you can’t miss. We have to support each other so that we can shine.


The climax of the film might leave you disappointed because we don’t watch such films every then and now. Jalsa is not a conventional Bollywood film but we don’t know whether the audience is ready for such films are they? The film is available on Amazon Prime. The run time of the film is 128 minutes. Special mention to the supporting cast. We believe giving more screen time to them would have added more depth to the story.

In a nutshell, Jalsa will not disappoint you. Gripping storytelling and phenomenal performances makes Jalsa the right pick for this Sunday. Watch it with your family and thank us later!

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