Jackie Shroff’s Farm Feast: Fly, Fun, and Foodie Banter with ‘Healthy’ Dal

Jackie Shroff's Farm-to-Table Feast: Nature's Bounty, a Friendly Visitor, and Camaraderie in the Jungle!

Jackie Shroff’s Farm-to-Table Feast: Nature’s Bounty, a Friendly Visitor, and Camaraderie in the Jungle!

In a recent Instagram video, Jackie Shroff showcased his farm-to-table meal, which included chapati, bitter gourd curry, and lentils. A keen-eyed social media user noticed a fly in one of the dishes and brought it to the actor’s attention. Jackie Shroff responded succinctly to the comment, addressing the presence of the fly in his meal.

Jackie Shroff

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Jackie’s shares Meal Video

In the video, Jackie Shroff sat outdoors at a small table set with various dishes, featuring rotis (chapati), karele ki sabzi (bitter gourd curry), dal (pulses), curry, and salad, among other items. He shared details about his meal before directing the camera towards the surrounding greenery.

Jackie Discusses Healthy Eating

Jackie Shroff accompanied his post with the caption, “We prepared today’s meal using ingredients straight from the farm, embracing nature’s nourishment (accompanied by a leaf fluttering in the wind emoji). Staying connected to the earth and prioritizing our health is the ultimate path. If you’re interested in the recipe, don’t hesitate to ask, my friend!” He also included hashtags like National Cooking Day, well-balanced diet, wholesome nutrition, and promoting clean and green eating.

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Jackie Replies to the Instagram User

In response to the post, a fan noticed a fly in the lentils and commented, “There’s a fly in the lentils. Am I the only one who noticed?” Jackie humorously replied, “My friend, I’m sitting in the jungle…” Suniel Shetty affectionately exclaimed, “Brother (accompanied by a red heart emoji).” In return, Jackie Shroff reciprocated with a red heart emoji, expressing warmth and camaraderie.

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff

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