Jab The World – Vineet Singh Releases his Song about the Covid – 19 Vaccine and Hope 

Global radio chart-topping artist Vineet Singh pens a song about the Covid-19 vaccine & hope for another jab that cures the world of hate

Vineet Singh Hukmani aka ‘Vineet’ is a global independent radio chart-topping artist, whose nascent but impactful tryst with music extends from composing radio-friendly pop earworms to creating a cohesive ecosystem for Indian artists to achieve radio playouts internationally.

An electronics engineer by education and a Harvard alumnus, Vineet Singh was also the former MD and founder of India’s only International format radio station – Radio One. The NCR-based artist’s earlier singles have topped the Euro Indie & World Indie top 100 charts, while his 2020 release titled MASK was ‘submitted in consideration’ for a Grammy. His other popular radio releases were I’m Ok, GET BACK ON Track and the very popular HIT THAT HIGH which got over 250,000 streams on Spotify.

He has recently released, Jab The World is a fun yet thoughtful take on the world, getting ready to get vaccinated.  We got a chance to have a little chat with Vineet Singh, here is what he said…

Q1. Tell us more about your latest song and music video, Jab The World.

VSH: Jab The World is about the world getting ready to be vaccinated and fighting the virus but it further imagines a day there will be a vaccine that makes humans incapable of hate. It’s not just about the covid-19 vaccine, instead, Jab The World hopes for an anti-hate vaccine that eradicates the growing disaffection worldwide…a shot in the arm that cures humanity of feelings of discrimination, biases, climate apathy & racism among other pressing concerns. It is for the eternal optimist.

Q2. From where did the idea for the same come from? Has there been any personal incident involved?

VSH: The incidents of negativity are all around us. One has to surround oneself with positive thoughts as one can easily fall prey to the virus of hate! During this world-threatening pandemic, I came across 2 types of people. Those who revelled in hate and the trauma it causes and those who united in harmony and were immune to negativity. I think music is the only way to unite polarized groups! Jab in some music and you will be immune to hate!

Q3. Tell us about the making process of this song, who are the people involved?

VSH: I am a singer, songwriter and producer. Guitars are by Samuel Hosé from Brazil. There are a host of engineers and producers we work with from around the world to give each song the perfect fit so it plays in the right genre of the global radio stations we target.

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Vineet Singh jab the world

Q4. Tell us more about yourself, your hobbies, your other talents.

VSH: I am the founder CEO of a great song. world. I used to be the MD & CEO of 94.3 Radio One, India’s only international radio network for 13 years before that. My art, craft, science is all music and that’s what I focus on.

Q5. Where do your ideas germinate from?

VSH: My ideas germinate from the seeds of the everyday world, watered by my desire to make sure my songs reach the multitude of global radio stations targeted and of course the sunshine of listeners, partners who take each song to its goal.

Q6. In your opinion, what is that one thing which is the most important part of songwriting?

VSH: If you are writing for commercial reasons, keep it simple. Write like you are talking to a friend. Make sure the music is focussed on a genre to allow global radio stations of a particular format/playlists to clearly understand where your music fits. If you are writing for your soul, for yourself there are no rules, write as you must. Not understanding the difference between the 2 is the real problem!

Q7. What do you do when not making music?

VSH: I run my business Greatsong, a world that helps other musicians reach their global goals. My other passion is driving.

Q8. Who are your inspirations?

VSH: From the 80s it is Van Halen, Duran Duran, Phil Collins. From the current lot Bruno Mars, Adam Levine, Charlie Puth, Imagine Dragons, Dua Lipa.

Vineet’s favourite singers –

My all-time favourite vocalist is David Coverdale from Whitesnake and Sammy Hagar from Van Halen comes a close second. I love the way Adele expresses every word when she sings. So it’s really not one person, but so many to learn from!

Vineet Singh’s favourite song…

It changes too often :) But if every song in the world was being destroyed and I got to save just one, I think I would save ‘Run to You’ by Bryan Adams.

Biggest plus and Minus

I am super planned like a factory that runs on time and makes sure the music product is delivered in the best quality! I am not able to compromise! And I have selective hearing when it comes to criticism :)

One thing you would want to accomplish…

Be able to seamlessly Learn, Grow, Repeat in music and share the art with other Indian/Asian Artists so that we make it together globally!

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