Dragon M and Ambuj Sen Patra Release Music Video of their Single – Sang Chalein

Sang Chalein – An Indie Rock Single about love, peace and harmony by Dragon M and Ambuj Sen Patra

“Everything that happens in nature is there to aid in a network of processes. A tiger has to kill a deer so that the deer don’t make the jungle a desert. Similarly, the functioning of the human ecosystem, wherein everyone can live up to their full potential, depends on harmonious existence. And yet we draw meaningless hierarchies. Yet we oppress and climb a ladder by pushing others down. “Kyon na hum bhi rahein, jaise hai yeh qaynath” expresses this very sentiment, and Ambuj has tried to do the same through the melody.” – Mrinal Mandal, writer and co-performer of Sang Chalein. It is a single by Dragon M and Ambuj Sen Patra.

Sang Chalein is a ballad drawing parallels. It is a song about peace, love and harmony. We live in an ecosystem where harmony is a necessity for survival. We all grew up reading stories about harmony, about coexisting, about respecting each other’s faith. However, as we grew up and grew old, these tales seemed to be limited to textbooks. We found a world that is divided to its core. Divided into continents, which are divided into countries, which are divided into states, cities, towns and so on. Keep the geography aside, the world is still divided into religion, castes, communities and so on. Sang Chalein is about removing this divide. The song is written by Dragon M a.k.a Mrinal Mandal, composed by Ambuj Sen Patra and produced under Isaiko Productions.

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About the Artists:

Dragon M, Writer, and Co-performer in Sang Chalein: Dragon M  is a 25-year-old rapper, poet, and novelist from New Delhi. He graduated as a mechanical engineer but has always been close to art and writing. After beginning writing his first novel in the first year of his college, he published his debut novel in 2018 called Hourglass. He was recently invited to perform at Jaipur Internation Poetry Library Fest, poetry and cinema fest, in Jaipur.  Some of his last releases are – Nishaan with Rohan Nair, Lights Out Music and Ashant Anu, and Aatmabodh – A Poem’s EP.

Ambuj Sen Patra, Composer, and Co- performer in Sang Chalein:  Ambuj is a graduate in psychology and presently working on his music. He has a lot of ideas and some brilliant collaborators in mind, so you can expect to see a lot more of him after Sang Chalein. He is also a spoken word artist, has been writing and performing poetry in the New Delhi collegiate slam circuit, and has also done featured performances with some organisations. He trained in guitar but has pretty much taught himself how to sing.

Writer’s message with the song: The message I would like people to take from this song is that realise how many people you have tread on to reach where you are, and realise that we collectively have a responsibility to create a world where pushing others down is unacceptable. It is easier to hold on to hate than to accept different people who come from different backgrounds, who follow different cultures etc. However, by doing so, by clinging onto the hatred and differences we are only running towards doomsday and as each day passes, we reach a little closer to it (Is duniya jo jannat banana tha. Marghat bana, khud bane zinda laash ab).

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