5 Times When Shahrukh Khan Served Life Facts

Five life lessons taught by Shahrukh Khan that we all need to swear by!

SRK, King Khan, Badshah of Bollywood needs no introduction. His vast career has ensured his popularity even overseas. It can be said that he ages like a fine wine. His popularity seems to keep growing, but his values never diminish. 

Shahrukh Khan is the world’s most successful celebrity. Beginning his career way back in 1980, SRK has been through a lot and has seen a lot. In the time he got famous, it is obvious that SRK has had a plethora of experiences, some good and some bad. Even though his net worth is much more than other actors, he is considered one of the most humble actors ever. This was recently put to test during the media trial of his son Aryan Khan in a cruise drugs case. Anyone would be expected to be self involved at times like these, but not SRK. 

During his lifetime, SRK has done numerous interviews and has spoken at countless events. And in all those speeches and interviews, we always get a glimpse of his values and morals. In fact, a lot of times SRK has given his audiences some valuable lessons to go by in life. 

  • Walk Alone If You Must

In a memorable speech at Yale, when he was awarded with the Chubb Fellowship, Khan said these words- ‘Don’t be afraid to walk alone.’

He compared life to a tightrope. He said that balancing everyone’s opinions and suggestions on that tightrope is an impossible feat. There is not one successful person who has balanced all these successfully. Therefore one should not be afraid to lose all the extra burden on their rope. If walking alone is the only way balance can be maintained, then people should not be afraid to walk alone. Life is too precious a journey to worry about people’s opinions. 

  • No shame in failure

A gem of advice from the gem himself. In a speech made in Dhirubhai Ambani School, SRK spoke to students about success, failure and the embarrassment involved. He emphasized the saying, ‘try, try, and you will succeed’. Speaking from his experience, SRK pointed out that it’s okay to fail, as there’s no greater teacher than failure itself. He said that while failure may cause some embarrassment, it will also polish one for the future. So a little embarrassment is not a bad thing.

‘There will be a time when nothing will go right. Don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive.’


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  • Be Kind, But Not For The Wrong Reasons

We often see the rich and famous being the kindest people around, helping those in need. But not all of it is true. It is not a hidden fact that many celebs do it just for the publicity it brings. But many do it in a concealed manner. That’s what’s best according to SRK. He believes in helping people quietly. SRK has always been an active philanthropist, but we rarely see him in action. This is because he believes that being kind and helpful is not a big enough feat to be publicised.

‘Give yourself to others. And while you’re at it, make sure you realise that you aren’t doing anyone any favours by being kind.’

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  • Don’t Preach Before You Succeed

It is not a hidden fact that Shahrukh Khan has taken up projects he didn’t want solely due to the money involved. In many interviews, he has very frankly spoken up on this little facet. He has reiterated his stance numerous times. He is often asked about what attracted him to a particular script and everytime he is honest. He talks of feeling a connection to the script, but he has also answered honestly if it was the money. SRK is very clear on the fact that one should not talk about higher things if they haven’t succeeded in their endeavours.

‘Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.’

  • ‘Normal’ Is Synonymous To ‘Lifeless’

Shahrukh Khan has always emphasized on self acceptance. In almost all the speeches he makes, he never forgets to emphasize on the importance of self acceptance. In fact, he believes that the word ‘normal’ is just a synonym of ‘lifeless’. He believes that just like fingerprints and DNAs, each individual is different with a different set of idiosyncrasies. We just need to accept those and move forward.

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