Emraan Hashmi Sheds His ‘Serial-Kisser’ Image

Emraan Hashmi discusses moving beyond the 'serial-kisser' tag, embracing diverse roles, and finding success in Tiger 3, grossing ₹400 crore worldwide since November 12.

Embracing change in Tiger 3: Diverse roles with Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi opened up about his journey, reflecting on the ‘serial-kisser’ tag that defined his early career. He acknowledged its benefits but expressed a desire to move beyond it. Speaking of his diverse roles, including his latest as an antagonist in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3, Emraan emphasized the need for actors to break free from stereotypical roles. Despite the success, he believed it was time to offer audiences something new.

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Emraan’s Evolution: From Labels to Growth

In a candid conversation, Emraan shared that the ‘serial-kisser’ label, initially a self-proclaimed joke, became a defining feature. While it brought success, he felt the need to evolve before it became limiting. He acknowledged the challenging transition period but stressed the importance of embracing change as an actor.

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From his debut in Footpath to nationwide fame with Murder, Emraan’s career took many turns, largely associated with the ‘serial-kisser’ image. Despite this, his recent role as Aatish Rehman in Tiger 3 has garnered acclaim, contributing to the film’s impressive box office performance, grossing ₹400 crore worldwide since its November 12 release.

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