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McDonald’s Raided for Halal Products in Lucknow, UP

Food safety officials crack down on McDonald's in Lucknow for Halal products, enforcing UP's ban. FSDA probes violations, eyes Rs 3 lakh fine. Eight companies charged in parallel Sahara Mall operation.

UP Bans Inauthentic Halal Product Items; FSDA Launches Probe, Considers Rs 3 Lakh Fine for McDonald’s Violation

In a recent development, a team from the Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) inspected a McDonald’s outlet in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The move is part of the state government’s ongoing efforts to curb the circulation of inauthentic Halal-certified products. Emphasizing public health and the prevention of confusion, the Uttar Pradesh government recently instituted a comprehensive ban on the production, storage, distribution, and sale of food, medicines, and cosmetic items with Halal product certification within the state.

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Halal Probe: McDonald’s Faces Rs 3L Fine

During the McDonald’s raid, FSDA officials scrutinized various food items, highlighting the presence of Halal-certified products, specifically packaged wraps. Consequently, an investigation has been launched, with authorities contemplating a fine of up to Rs 3 lakhs on the fast food chain for violating the ban. The seized Halal-certified products are now under the custody of the food safety body.

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Notably, the government has exempted Halal-certified goods produced for export from the ban but issued stern warnings and outlined strict actions against any breaches. In a parallel operation at Sahara Mall in Lucknow, eight companies were identified and charged for selling Halal-certified products after a thorough examination of diverse items, including cold drinks, meat, and dry fruits.

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