Do you also miss your school days?

School may be hard annoying and irritating but we all miss it when it ends. School life never comes back once it’s over.



What is left behind are memories, memories and memories. Most of us study in the same school from our primary wing to high school. Almost 12 yrs.

First day of school is totally like entering in new phase of life. Leaving our mom’s hand, we enter in a new atmosphere. We interact with teachers who guide us, we make friends and for the first time we share our belongings with them.

We grow a little more and enter in junior-senior wing. We get habitual of school atmosphere. We interact with teachers, friends and tend to participate in many games and competitions.

School provides us a platform to showcase our talent. It provides us exposure to various Olympiads and enhances our capabilities. School life boosts our energy, build-up our spirits and increase our self-confidence.

We grow a little more and enter our high-school. The phase of attraction, crush, break up and link up and apart from it, phase of actual studies. All form their groups and work accordingly.

It’s the most crucial time for studies as high-school decides our career and eventually we go in 12th and then school gets over and leaves behind some cherishing moments.

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