Dev Anand’s Delhi Connection Revealed in Centenary Celebration

In Indian cinema, the superstar icon Dev Anand's familial ties to Delhi were unveiled during his special day on his birth centenary celebration. A unique and memorable event featured anecdotes, a dance-drama, and an exhibition of vintage film posters.

An Evening with Dev Anand’s Nephew Shared Rare Insights, Dance-Drama Enthralls Audience, and Exhibition of Vintage Film Posters

A rare and revealing celebration of the centenary of legendary Indian film star Dev Anand’s birth, an event titled “An Evening with Dev” provided a glimpse of the actor’s strong bond with Delhi. The event organized by the New Delhi Film Foundation in  Vasant Vihar Club featured Dev Anand’s nephew, Professor Rajeev Khanna, who shared little-known insights into the actor’s life.

Hidden Family Secrets Dev Anand

The event unveiled that Dev Anand had 3 sisters living in Delhi, including one who was the mother of renowned director Shekhar Kapur and another who was the grandmother of actor and VJ Purab Kohli. It was also revealed that Dev Anand was not one of 6 siblings, but 1 of nine. This intriguing information had never been publicly available before, making it a truly unique revelation. Dev Anand’s elder brother, Chetan Anand, and younger brother, Vijay Anand, were also celebrated directors in Hindi cinema.

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Professor Khanna shared Dev’s Memories

A guest of honour, Professor Khanna, shared his childhood memories of Dev Anand’s visits to Delhi and he even showcased a book with handwritten notes of Dev Anand, which he had read during his graduation period in 1939. The event has various programs, including Dev Anand’s film video reports and the release of a book titled ‘Guide, Filmic Perspective: Unpacking the Enduring Brilliance of ‘Guide’ – A Cinematic Odyssey into Perspectives

The panel discussion on Dev Anand’s life journey and films, by Ashish K Singh, featured participants such as Asha Batra, Bobby Sing, and Antara Nanda Mandal. A dance-drama titled ‘Dev Ka Khayal Aaya,’ directed by Sandeep Pahwa, the audience with performances by Jaskiran Chopra and Rahul Paswan, who danced and acted to Dev Anand’s iconic songs.

The audience was very impressed with the exhibitions of the original Dev Anand movie posters that were part of the event. Lt. General (R) Shankar Prasad, the president of the Vasant Vihar Club, and Secretary Rajinder Maggu presented Professor Rajeev Khanna with a token of appreciation for the occasion. Sanjana Raj, the event’s host, observed a packed house, underscoring Dev Anand’s ongoing significance in the Indian film business.

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