10 Bollywood Films with Unforgettable Endings

From Badla to Andhadhun: Bollywood Films with Unforgettable Endings

The ending is the most important part of any film, and perhaps the most beautiful too. It is that part that makes you love or hate the film. And there are so many times when some films really surprise us with their endings and stay with us for longer than ever. Here are some of the bollywood films with unforgettable endings that you must watch. 

Spoiler Alert: As we are talking about the endings, there can be places you will find some spoilers. 

10 Bollywood Films with Unforgettable Endings

1. Badla

One of the underrated thrillers existing in Bollywood, the ending plot is where Taapsee must expose where she hid the body in order for them to understand why Amrita tried to murder them. This murder mystery ends with the dead child’s parents acually bluffing Taapsee Pannu’s character to know the truth. 

2. Kahaani

Again, a mystery, and again, the director is Sujoy Gosh. In Kahaani, the idea that ‘pregnant aaurat par kaun hi shak karega’ lifted the whole film. And it is the underdog character of Vidhya Balan who played her part and turned out to be a manipulator in the whole story. 

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3. Bulbbul

The recently released film, Bulbbul is a much appreciated horror and it holds the capacity of hitting the audience’s emotions more than any other film. The underdog character of Bulbbul certainly shines in the end. 

4. 3 Idiots

A film that’s everyone’s favourite. We wonder if anyone could ever image a guy with stupid and vague idea about life to be the scientist the world is looking upto. And the message the film delivers is still so heartwarming making the film most impactful. 

5. Talaash

An unforgettable film, with an unforgettable ending. The inspector played by Amir Khan is investigating a car accident and gets help from a driving force who leads him in solving the whole case and vanishes after the case gets solved. It is an open-ended film but a must-watch. 

6. Ajeeb Daastaans

The very recently released film, Ajeeb Daastaans, an anthology is yet another example of films with unforgettable endings. All four parts of this anthology are more than beautiful and give a lot of thought to the viewer for processing the ends. 

7. Andhadhun

Not many Indian films have really given so much thrill at once. Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana), a blind pianist, comes out to be not blind in the very first half of the film, and after that, whatever happens blows the mind. 

8. Section 375

Again an underrated gem, a film which appears like a film on sexual harassment at workplaces ends with a thought where the systematic problems in laws proves an innocent, guilty. 

9. City Lights

One can never imagine that a film can end this way. City Lights, a film about a commoner and his struggles really breaks your heart at the end. 

10. Ugly

Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly is again a marvel when it comes to unforgettable endings. It will really make a person question oneself as a human and the last scene when the missing child is found can really bring tears in ones’ eyes. 

So these were our picks of Bollywood films with unforgettable endings. Let us know your pick in the comments.

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