BJP vs. Congress in Gunderdehi Assembly Election 2023

Gunderdehi Assembly Election 2023: A fierce battle unfolds as Gunderdehi's residents await change or continuity in an election with far-reaching consequences. With its residents closely following the unfolding political drama.

BJP vs. Congress High stakes as BJP seeks comeback and Congress eyes a third term in the Gunderdehi Assembly Election 2023.

The upcoming Gunderdehi Assembly Election 2023 has captured the attention of political enthusiasts as two formidable rivals, the BJP and Congress, vie for control in this pivotal contest. The BJP, driven by the desire to regain authority, is running a robust campaign to recapture the constituency, while the Congress sets its sights on an unprecedented third consecutive term.

The election landscape is alive with spirited rallies and pledges, mirroring the hopes and concerns of the electorate. The voters, representing diverse walks of life, voice their expectations. Some eagerly anticipate change, while others commend the developmental efforts of the incumbent Congress government.

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Local shop owner, Rajesh, remarks, “Under Congress rule, I’ve witnessed positive changes in our area – improved roads and schools. However, the BJP’s promises are certainly enticing.”

Conversely, Poonam, a homemaker, asserts, “I believe it’s time for a change. The BJP brings experience to the table, and we need fresh ideas.”

As election day approaches, the destiny of Gunderdehi hangs in the balance, with its residents closely following the unfolding political drama.

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Gunderdehi Assembly Election 2023

Gunderdehi is one of Chhattisgarh’s 90 assembly constituencies, located in the Balod district, considered semi-urban, and part of the Kanker (ST) Lok Sabha constituency. The constituency boasts a total of 224,313 eligible voters, comprising 112,364 male voters and 111,945 female voters, based on data from 2018. In the 2013 election, Rajendra Kumar Rai of the Congress secured victory, defeating BJP’s Virendra Kumar Sahu with a significant margin of 21,280 votes. In the 2008 election, Virendra Kumar Sahu of the BJP emerged victorious with a total of 64,010 votes and a vote margin of 45.93%.

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