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2nd Gender equality summit 2019: Highlights from the event

“Preparing Women for the Future of Work”

Today, women are as sufficient as a man. Through their determination and will power, they have to prove their mettle in every field. Still, they face discrimination in the workplace. Be it gender pay issue or their credibility, they are questioned. Recently, 2nd Gender Equality Summit happened in Delhi and it was eye -opener for many people out there. The theme of the event was Preparing women for the future of Work.

 The summit raised four main issues which where:-

1. The message of equality in gender.
2. Social Protection of women.
3. Access to public services for women.
4. Access of Infrastructure for women.

 Preparing “Women” for work or preparing “Work” for new women?

Ms. Nishtha Satyam, the deputy country representative of women equality said,  “Is our corporate world ready for modern women with skills? Mentioning the psychological stats she says that most men who are ready just with 50% of their skills are not hesitant to approach for jobs whereas, women who are ready with 95% of their skills are hesitant to approach to companies. This shows how the current scenario regarding women safety and opportunities at workplaces has led to their low self-esteem.”

The new idea is WOMEN COMICS.

According to the IMF, the GDP growth has increased by one-fourth of it due to the effective involvement of women in the corporate sector. Stats of improvement prove how this women workforce is the need of the society, not a sympathy act. NITI Aayog chief executive officer, Amitabh Kant said,
“Nation can grow at a rate of 9% to 10% only if there is gender parity in the workplace’. In India, only 24% of women work, compared with 48% across the globe, and in order to achieve this, there is a need to push women in employment. It was a pleasant surprise to observe the number of men in the event who supported this cause.”

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In India, we are surrounded by various myths, one of which is women with children are not able to concentrate at their workplace. There are people in our society with old believe who don’t encourage women out for work and earning. Also, there are moments in most women’s life where they don’t get a clear idea to either support family or build a career. They go through continuous internal tussle. But above all, we as a society need to support women in getting employed with the right skills. If we want others to get bothered with is the cause, then first we need to bother ourselves. We know for a fact that bigger the negativity is better the positivity can be extracted out of it.

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