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West Bengal: Teens Kidnap, Kill Friend for Ransom

Teenagers in Bengal kidnap a friend for ransom to buy a computer, but the plot turns fatal. The victim's body was found in a pond. Culprits apprehended and motive investigated.

West Bengal Teens Abduct, Kill Friend for Ransom: Gruesome Twist to Computer Purchase Plan

In Krishnanagar’s Ghurni area in West Bengal’s Nadia district, three teenage boys allegedly abducted their 14-year-old friend with the intention of demanding a ransom to purchase a computer for gaming purposes. Unfortunately, their plan took a grim turn as they reportedly strangled him to death after offering him rasgulla and cold drinks. The police disclosed that the victim’s body, secured in a sack, was discovered in a pond on the outskirts of Krishnanagar city, based on a report from PTI.

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Teen Trio Arrested for Kidnapping:

The police swiftly apprehended the trio, who were presented before a juvenile court in Krishnanagar. The victim, an eighth-grade student and a resident of Ghurni went missing while visiting a local shop on Friday afternoon. His mother received a ransom call of Rs 3 lakh the following morning, prompting her to alert the Kotwali Police Station.

The alleged culprits, all classmates of the deceased and residents of the same locality, admitted to the crime during interrogation. They confessed to killing the boy and disposing of his body in the pond. The motive behind the murder remains under investigation.

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Authorities speculate that the teens might have feared their ransom demand would not be met, prompting them to resort to murder to evade the law’s grasp. Further investigation aims to uncover the exact circumstances leading to this tragic incident.

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