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Wearing Bindi Leads to Beating and Jharkhand Girl’s Suicide

A tragic incident occurred in Jharkhand as a girl tragically died by suicide after being physically assaulted for wearing bindi while attending school, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of students.

Tragic Suicide: Jharkhand Girl Assaulted for Wearing Bindi,”Takes Her Own Life

Dhanbad: A tragic incident occurred at a school in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, where a school student died by suicide allegedly after facing physical assault for wearing “bindi” on her forehead.

Physical Assault For Wearing ‘Bindi’ :

In a tweet on Tuesday, Priyank Kanoongo, the chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), informed that a female student had reportedly died by suicide after being subjected to physical assault for wearing ‘bindi’ while attending school. Kanoongo mentioned that the NCPCR has acknowledged the incident and will be sending a team to Dhanbad to conduct an investigation.

Demanding Justice:

After the student’s suicide in Dhanbad’s Tetulmari area, parents and locals protested against the school administration. Police initiated an investigation in response to the demonstration and promised to take necessary action.

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After the incident, Uttam Mukherjee, Chairperson of CWC Dhanbad, confirmed that the accused teacher has been arrested by the police.

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School Not Affiliated With The CBSE:

Responding to the NCPCR Chairperson, Uttam Mukherjee stated in a tweet that the incident is grave and informed that the school involved is not affiliated with the CBSE board. He also mentioned notifying the District Education Officer and meeting the victim’s family, confirming the arrest of the accused.

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