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PM Modi Launches ‘PM Vishwakarma Scheme’ on Vishwakarma Jayanti!

To improve the skills and livelihoods of 30 lakh traditional craftsmen and artisans working in 18 different sectors, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Vishwakarma Scheme on Vishwakarma Jayanti. The Vishwakarma Scheme has a government-sponsored budget of Rs 13,000 crore over five years.

PM Vishwakarma Scheme’: New Ray of Hope for people with traditional craftsmanship skills!

On the occasion of “Vishwakarma Jayanti,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the “PM Vishwakarma” program on Sunday. 

 On the 77th Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort’s ramparts, announcing that the government would soon introduce a program for people with traditional craftsmanship skills. On his 73rd birthday, Prime Minister Modi launched the Vishwakarma Scheme. During the ‘PM Vishwakarma’ program launch at the India International Convention and Expo Centre in Dwarka, Modi unveiled 18 post tickets and the Toolkit Booklet.

Under this program, traditional craftsmen and artisans would receive credit assistance at a low-interest rate without the requirement for collateral. Approximately 30 lakh households of traditional artisans and craftspeople, including weavers, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, laundry workers, and barbers, will benefit from the scheme, which will cost Rs 13,000 crore over five years. The plan aims to improve the quality and accessibility of the goods and services provided by traditional craftsmen and artisans. 

“Under the PM Vishwakarma scheme, the government will provide up to a 3 lakh rupee loan without any (bank) guarantee,” stated PM Modi at the program’s introduction. Additionally, it has been made sure that the interest rate is relatively low. The government has decided to offer the Vishwakarma partners a loan of Rs. 1 lakh initially, and once it is repaid, another loan of Rs.2 lakhs.

What is the Vishwakarma scheme?

It is an innovative initiative that costs Rs 13,000 crore to implement and is entirely sponsored by the Central government. “On this Vishwakarma Jayanti, we are giving roughly Rs 13,000–15,000 crore to the OBC community’s traditional workers, who use tools and their own hands to do the work they do. Be it our masons, goldsmiths, masons, laundromat employees, or our barber brothers and sisters… On August 15, Modi stated.

Who is eligible for the Vishwakarma scheme?

At the launch event, a government movie was shown, in which it was discussed how traditional crafts and skills have been practised by experts for generations and are typically taught by family elders. These include a dearth of Modern tools, a lack of professional training for their line of work, a problem with distance from markets that matter to them, and a lack of available funds for investment.

The PM promised to help families connected to 18 such diverse sectors in every manner possible. These consist of:

(i) Carpenters

(ii) Boat Makers

(iii) Armourers

(iv) Blacksmiths

(v) Hammer and Tool Kit Makers

(vi) Locksmiths

(vii) Goldsmiths

(viii) Potters

(ix) Sculptor, Stone breakers

(x) Cobblers (Shoesmiths/ Footwear artisans)

(xi) Masons (Rajmistri)

(xii) Basket/Mat/Broom Makers/Coir Weavers

(xiii) Doll & Toy Makers (Traditional)

(xiv) Barbers

(xv) Garland makers

(xvi) Washermen

(xvii) Tailors

(xviii) Fishing Net Makes.

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