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Manipur Flood Crisis: Assam Rifles and Disaster Management Teams Rescue and Aid Thousands

Manipur floods caused by Cyclone Remal have claimed lives, damaged homes, and displaced thousands. Relief efforts by Assam Rifles, NDRF, and the government are ongoing.

Manipur Floods: Assam Rifles and Disaster Management Teams Work Tirelessly to Rescue and Provide Aid to Thousands Stranded by Severe Cyclone Remal

This year’s devastating flash floods which occured in Manipur as a result of heavy rains caused by Cyclone Remal has resulted in five fatalities and left 13 injured. The deaths happened between 28 May 2015 and 31 May 2015 in two of Manipur’s districts, Senapati and Imphal West. According to the report of Relief & Disaster Management Department on May 31, a total of 125750 people belonging to 255 villages are affected, 16364 houses are damaged and 20504 persons are evacuated.

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Three dies, thousands rescued as flood wreaks havoc in Manipur

To house the affected people a total of 51 relief camps have been set up in order to cater the basic needs of the people. Floods have also affected 522 hectare cropped land and in the hill districts around 300 landslips have been observed. Hence, rescue operations and distribution of relief material has been actively done NDRF and military staffs in Imphal both West and East districts.

The flood situation, however, shows signs of improvement with water levels decreasing in certain districts; still, some pockets of Imphal West, Imphal East, and Bishnupur districts are still inundated. Same was stated by Manipur’s water resource minister Awangbow Newmai, the Imphal and Nambul rivers have breached resulting in floods and these have since been fixed. In order to eliminate similar future disasters, Newmai called on members of the public against encroachment of the rivers by illegally constructing structures near them.

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Assam Rifles has been most involved in the rescue operations and successfully saved 2, 561 people and distributed more than 5,000 hot meals among the survivors. The state police force has also been of use in the rescue of the affected persons and delivery of relief items. The CM, N.Biren Singh along with other state officials were very much alive to the situation, visiting the flood hit areas and overseeing the relief operations.

Amit Shah said that the Centre will fully support the state in rehabilitation and compensation processes The PMO later declared ex-gratia compensation for the families of the deceased and the wounded. Besides the issues relating to the flood crisis, there is also a committee formulated by the Manipur government to look into the problem of escape of aquarium fish species to the natural water bodies during the flood. This step follows after certain exotic fish species were reported through social media dissemination to have escaped into the wild thus posing-effects to the ecosystem. The committee, made up of fishery professionals, will focus on the possible harm and suggest solutions to maintain the diversity of the state.

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This is illustrated by the appearance of alien fish technologies like the Amazon Sailfish Catfish and alligator gar, which makes desperate efforts imperative for Manipur’s water ecosystems. Scholars also note that coordinated action is needed to decrease the risks associated with invasive organisms and foster efficiency of the biological diversity of the concerned region.

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