SC Stays NGT’s Decision of Appointing Delhi LG as Yamuna Pollution Panel Head

The Supreme Court has put a hold on the order designating the Delhi Lieutenant Governor as the head of the Yamuna Pollution Panel.

Supreme Court halts NGT’s decision appointing Delhi LG as the head of Yamuna pollution panel

The Supreme Court has stayed the NGT’s directive to form a committee, headed by the Delhi Lieutenant Governor, for the rejuvenation of the Yamuna river, following a plea by the Delhi government. The court has issued notices to the NGT and the petitioner regarding the Yamuna Pollution Panel.

NGT Forms Yamuna Panel:

The NGT had established the high-level committee due to the alarming pollution levels in the Yamuna river within Delhi, which far exceed those in other states along the river basin. The NGT specifically requested the Delhi LG, who also serves as the chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and administrator of Delhi, to lead the committee. During the Supreme Court hearing, the Delhi government’s representative highlighted two paragraphs from the NGT’s order.

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LG’s Role Challenged:

The Supreme Court’s stay only applies to the portion of the NGT’s order that directed the LG to be a member and chairperson of the committee. The remainder of the NGT’s order remains unaffected by the stay. The Delhi government has challenged the NGT’s directive, arguing that the LG’s role is primarily symbolic, with limited executive authority. Granting the LG executive powers beyond what is allowed by the constitutional scheme would be inappropriate. The government’s plea cites a recent Supreme Court judgment on the administrative services dispute between the Central government and the Delhi government, emphasizing the elected government’s authority in such matters.

Yamuna’s Sewage Crisis:

The NGT, in its order, highlighted the significant gap between the amount of sewage generated and the available treatment facilities. It estimated a gap of 194.5 million gallons per day (MGD) of untreated sewage. Additionally, the interception and diversion of approximately 147 drains connected to the Najafgarh and Shahdara drains, as well as the discharge of wastewater from unauthorized colonies and JJ clusters, continue to contribute to the pollution of the Yamuna river.

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According to the NGT’s order, the committee would include the chief secretary, secretaries from various Delhi government departments, CEO of Delhi Jal Board, officials from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), top officials from Union ministries such as Agriculture, Jal Shakti, and Environment, the chairman of the Central Pollution Control Board, and the director-general of the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG).

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