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Fashion Parade with Urfi Javed

Urfi is always known for her unique fashion sense which makes her different from others.

Urfi Doesn’t Need Cloth to Create an Outfit

As you know Urfi is always known for her unique fashion sense . She is always in the headlines with her creative or we can say bold outfits. She is noticed in many different outfits like garbge bag dress, dress made up of pizza slices and many more. She is always in the limelight. She has received a lot of appreciation from fans and even Neha Dhupia (Bollywood actress). Urfi is now considered one of the most popular fashion icons. She was in Biggboss OTT season 1 as a contestant, after this Urfi has been in the limelight because
of her fashion sense.

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In one of her viral videos she was spotted wearing denim jeans which was recreated by famous content creator Change Hee Kim and he also shared a video on instagram wearing denim jeans as a top, opting for jeans as a bottom too. As Urfi is known for her squishy outfits, she doesn’t need any cloths to design an outfit. She always comes up with surprises due to which she is always in the limelight. Some of her outfits like ‘A long skirt made up of gajra’, ‘ Dress made up of jute bag’, Outfit made up of cycle chains have created a
lot of buzz.

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She also receives hate for her looks but she never takes it seriously and then also she has that much courage to come with more unique things which makes her famous and different from others. Also, she has been detained for wearing viral outfit in Dubai . Urfi shot some videos in open area which troubled many people. She was even questioned by the police, inspite of that she never fails to come with unique things . She is fearless that’s why she gains fame more than others.

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