Delhi News: Danger Looms Elusive Leopard Roams

Delhi News a leopard's presence in Neb Sarai, South Delhi, triggers anxiety. Authorities deploy drones, urging residents to stay indoors. The elusive creature continues to evade capture, raising concerns among locals.

Delhi News: In Neb Sarai, South Delhi, a leopard loose sparks fear. Despite efforts, authorities struggle to capture it. Drones deployed, the public urged to stay vigilant

Delhi news a leopard, first spotted near a farmhouse in Neb Sarai, South Delhi, continues to elude capture despite concerted efforts by authorities. The metropolitan is on edge as the forest department, employing drones and trap cages, collaborates with the police, who have stationed 50 personnel to monitor the situation and keep the public informed.

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Elusive Leopard: Unseen and Untraced

Since its initial sighting on the Delhi-Haryana border last Friday, the elusive leopard has remained unseen. Despite extensive searches by two teams of 40 personnel in the jungle areas connecting to the Aravalli Hills range on Saturday, the creature left no trace. “There is no lead on the leopard. The two trap cages set up by the forest department are still at their places,” mentioned a police officer.

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In an attempt to ensure public safety, announcements are made thrice daily, guiding people on what to do and what to avoid if they encounter the leopard. Working closely with the forest department under the Neb Sarai police station’s supervision, authorities aim to address the rising panic among residents. Advisories urge locals to stay indoors, especially at night, and report any leopard sightings promptly to the nearest police station or the forest department.

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