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9 killed, 10 injured in the bloodiest day of Manipur ethnic clashes

The bloodiest day of Manipur ethnic clashes leaves 9 dead and 10 injured. What exactly happened and is the clash ending anytime soon? 

How did the bloodiest day of Manipur ethnic clashes come about? Let’s Find Out

It is no news that Manipur is burning. The state is now seeing one of the worst possible ethnic clashes in its history. The bloodiest day of Manipur ethnic clashes was just another proof of how the state needs immediate intervention and there is a dire need to control these clashes. 

What happened on the bloodiest day of Manipur ethnic clashes?

A small hamlet in Manipur’s Kangpokpi district had been facing attacks for 36 hours by an armed group. This frustration with the attack led to a backlash that killed nine, left ten wounded, and five missing. And this is how the bloodiest day of the Manipur ethnic clash came about. The clashes that had begun on May 3rd have already caused widescale casualties and losses. 

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The deaths occurred inside a church building in Aigejang village. It was suspected that these armed men who had attacked the hamlet had gathered here. A mob of people surrounded the church with weapons, guns, spears, traditional weapons, and daggers, while some marched in to attack the ones inside. 

“Hostilities started with firing by one side around 10pm Tuesday, leading to retaliation and more violence that continued well into the early hours of Wednesday,” said Imphal East SP K Shivakanta Singh. 


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Manipur Chief Minister Says That The Culprits Will Be Caught 

CM N Biren Singh says that those involved in the violence will be caught and booked as per law. He says-  “We can’t immediately say that everything will be all right. Those who have suffered have strong feelings and emotions. But you have seen that with the efforts of the Govt, and by involving the people, it is reducing.”

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