Chiseled jawline

How to get Chiseled Jawline?

8 Simple ways to get Chiseled Jawline The first thing people notice about someone is his/her face.  It is not surprising that as a society...
Maintain hairstyle

#MenHealth: How to maintain hairstyle after salon session?

8 tips which will help your hairstyle last longer Walking out of the salon feels nothing less than a superstar. But it’s not easy to...
Indian Spices for a Healthy Gut

5 Indian Spices for a Healthy Gut

5 Indian Spices for a Healthy Gut: How to include them in your diet? Keeping your gut healthy is the best way to stay fit. We...
Photogenic on all occasions

How to be photogenic on all occasions

25 tips for men and women to be photogenic on all occasions In the social media-obsessed world, it is very important to look good for...
Varun Dhawan grooves to the beats of Reebok's new Sole Fury 1

Varun Dhawan grooves to the beats of Reebok’s new Sole Fury

Varun Dhawan is the latest to join the Reebok family Leading fitness and lifestyle brand Reebok recently announced Varun Dhawan as their new brand ambassador. Reebok...
Benefits of playing Chess

How playing Chess can improve your memory?

Playing Chess can improve your memory: Here is how? How many chess sets do you have in your home? If you are one of the...
Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast ideas which are less time consuming

Five healthy breakfast options which are easy to prepare How often it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? During...
Pocket Friendly Hair Wax for men

Top 5 Pocket- Friendly Hair Wax for men

Top 5 Brands that offer pocket- friendly Hair Wax for men Good hair day is everyone’s dream irrespective of their gender. Be it male or...
-5 important tips to keep men’s hair healthy

5 Important tips to keep Men’s Hair healthy

Men’s hair is as important as women’s for caring The expensive haircut at chain saloon is of no use if you don’t care for your...
Pimles and acne

How to get rid of Pimples and acne: Exclusive Interview with Dr Nirupama Parwanda

Know a great deal about pimples and acne with the Dermatologist In monsoon, we are bound to get pimples and acne and nobody wants them...

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National Tourism Day 2020: Significance and Important statistics inside!

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Sunil Grover

A light-hearted evening with Sunil Grover, he nailed it like he always does!

Sunil Grover did some funny mimicry of famous celebrities! Sunil Grover on Tuesday interacted with women at FICCI, Tansen Marg and tickled their funny bones...
Harleen Sethi

Candid Conversation: Harleen Sethi straight from her heart!

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